Moose Spotlight: Finding Creativity in Metalsmithing

Heather J Rowley is a UK-based jewelry artist. If you’re on Instagram, her social handle is @hjjewellerydesign. She is a self-taught artist and she shared with us that her biggest inspiration in starting to metalsmith was her wanting more creativity in her life.

Jewelry Artist Heather J Rowley of @hjjewellerydesign on Instagram

@hjjewellerydesign on Instagram

Previously, she stated that she was in an office job, working full time, and she didn’t do anything related to design, which made her really unhappy. As a person who has always been extremely crafty and into art and design, she spent a lot of her childhood drawing and making things. Heather said she has always loved jewelry, which is why she thought she could give it a go.

In addition, her mother used to dabble in smithing when she was younger. Heather’s mom graciously let her borrow all of her tools and gave some tips to get her started which she’s really grateful for. She even said that if her mom didn’t have all of those tools to hand her, maybe she wouldn’t have been able to get into it so quickly.

Discovering so many talented artists on Instagram, we asked Heather who her favorite is on the platform. Like most of the creators we have spoken to, she said this was a tough question as there are so many she loves; not just for their amazing art but for their wonderful and generous personalities.

Having said that, she said she’s going to have to choose a couple. She mentioned Nicole of @mothmetal for her intricate and insanely detailed pieces that, according to Heather, just blow her mind and @sarahideko for her amazing bezel work and flawless execution.

We truly love it when artists admire each other!

Working from her home studio in Preston, in the North West of the UK, Hj Jewellery Design is an independent jewelry brand that features bold and beautifully stamped pieces.

Take a look at some of her stunning work!

Turquoise Jewelry by Heather J Rowley of @hjjewellerydesign on Instagram

by Heather J Rowley of @hjjewellerydesign on Instagram

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