Moose Spotlight: Wearing Your Magic

In the process of jewelry-making, sometimes, all you have to do is breathe in, breathe out, and let the magic happen.

Meet jewelry artist behind the Instagram account @thebohemianfairie, Jenni West. This lady from Dallas, Texas has been making jewelry for three years now.

@thebohemianfairie on Instagram

According to Jenni, jewelry has always been a love of hers. The passion for creating was lying dormant until she and her husband decided to have children. They faced a few challenges when trying to start a family. As a distraction, she started creating jewelry. In the beginning, it was beaded necklaces and feather earrings. While her passion for creating jewelry blossomed, her family did, too! She happily shared with us that they have three healthy children. 

Like most artists, jewelry-makers are faced with challenges when it comes to their art. Jenni feels challenged when it comes to self-doubt. However, the beautiful thing that comes out of it is once her fear gets released, things just naturally flow! She said she keeps repeating the manifestation, “Things are always working out for me.” Even if she still finds herself making mistakes, with that positive affirmation in her head, Jenni knows the next time she does that things will work out for her! We definitely love a positive attitude.

As per nature, Jenni said her love for the moon and crystals have reawakened, which is why she harnesses the beauty and energy of both elements and incorporates them into her jewelry designs - creating wearable magic. 

For each jewelry artist, we asked what turquoise means to them. Jenni said turquoise has always been a love of hers. She explained that its color touches her soul. To add more to her turquoise love, she told us she loves that there is so much color variety in it. We couldn’t agree more! 

Not gonna lie, our eyes are feasting over these pieces of turquoise jewelry! Define magical! 

by @thebohemianfairie on Instagram

Her advice for fellow artists is to simply go with the flow! Jenni explained that in this business, artists like her will be faced with various challenges. Whenever she feels that way when she’s executing a design, she practices relaxed breathing and letting things flow naturally - both of which have helped her tremendously no matter how simple that sounds. Indeed, sometimes you just have to breathe in and breathe out.

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What do you like most about Turquoise Moose? 

"Turquoise Moose has beautiful turquoise cabochons and excellent customer service. I get so excited when a Turquoise Moose package arrives and then I start to dream of what I will create." 

- Jenni West

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