Moose Spotlight: Creating Beautiful Jewelry Inspired By Nature

Meet Jenvy Fox of @jenvyfox on Instagram. This Sacramento-based jewelry artist has been silversmithing for four years now.

Jewelry Artist Jenvy Fox of @jenvyfox on Instagram

Jenvy shared with us that she has been an artist for a long time. Mostly, she spent most of that time drawing and painting, however she has always loved jewelry. For a long time, she wanted to learn how to silversmith but she was afraid to learn using a torch after she accidentally caught her hair on fire by standing too close to the jeweler’s bench in a jewelry store she used to work in. 

Flashback to four years ago, with the encouragement of other silversmiths she met on Instagram, Jenvy finally started to get smithing. She was also graciously offered tips and guidance by the incredible community on the said platform as well. With that, she started to take a class at their local bead store and she fell in love with smithing immediately. 

She lovingly said that her mentors, teachers, and friends are her inspirations as well. 

As an artist, we asked Jenvy what was the most challenging part for her. She narrates, “The most challenging part of silversmithing for me is keeping clean and organized while I’m working.  I’m the same way with both painting and silversmithing.  I tend to end up with a messy pile of tools and dirt in my flux, and covered in rouge (or paint when painting).”  As Jenvy does her work out in her garage, it really is not her ideal setup - especially when the weather is extremely hot or cold.

She also added how difficult it is to let go of work that ultimately feels like a piece which is meant for you. 

When we asked Jenvy how nature inspires her creativity, she declares that she is enamored with stones that have high matrixes or interesting internal characteristics. She also states how she feels that the stones she buys guide what her designs will be, rather than the other way around.  

Moreover, this is the reason why her designs are not necessarily consistent in design or style, as she continues, “other than highlighting the juxtaposition between the delicate natural beauty of stones and the strength, structure, and power of heavy metal.” 

Lastly, Jenvy also loves making jewelry that is inspired by her garden, especially her treasured cacti and wall of morning glories that gives her yard a “secret garden” feel, as she describes it! Recently, she has been making more pieces which are plant-themed.  

As lovers of turquoise, we asked Jenvy why she enjoys working with them specifically. She shares that she works with a couple of different stones, but turquoise and variscite are by far her  faves! She explains how she adores stones with high matrixes and the deep jeweled blues or greens of a high-grade Damele variscite or a Royston turquoise. Seven dwarfs turquoise is another favorite of Jervy’s, while she’s been recently enamored with white buffalo turquoise, which is a perfect stone for her often punk rock aesthetic. How fun!

Take a look at some of her amazing designs!

Turquoise Jewelry by Jenvy Fox of @jenvyfox on Instagram

We wanted to ask what’s Jenvy’s number one tip for her co-artists and she placed it beautifully by saying, “Not every day is a good day in the shop, and that’s okay.  Sometimes ideas don’t work or you chip a stone or melt a component.  Sometimes it’s hard to not be upset about it, but try to let it go, knowing that it’s part of the learning process, and teaches you a lesson to take with you into the next creation.” 

What do you like most about working with Turquoise Moose?

“I love the huge inventory they have to choose from.  A lot of stone sales these days are auction style and competitive.  I like that there is a shop that I can go to and leisurely browse while letting the stones inspire me and inspire future creations.”

- Jenvy Fox


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