Moose Spotlight: Creating Handmade Jewelry to Touch the Heart

"Create from your heart and make what you love."

- Karen, @kfdjewellery






Jewelry Artist Karen Faulkner Dunkley of @kfdjewellery on Instagram




@kfdjewellery on Instagram




Meet jewelry artist Karen Faulkner Dunkley of KFD Jewellery. Based in Cambridgeshire in the UK, she has been making jewelry for 22 years now and her creations can be seen on Instagram @kfdjewellery 💚





"School directed me towards the sciences, as a 'safer' career path," Karen said. After 12 years of teaching biology, she felt that something was missing from her life. Following her passion for jewelry, Karen signed up for a term of weekly evening classes at a local college and became totally obsessed, as she said. She shared that she's at home creating in her workshop where time stands still.




"The college lecturer laughed when I said I wanted to change career from teaching biology to a jeweller and to start selling my jewellery in 6 months. I had a point to prove!" Karen remembered when she was just getting started. She knew she was onto something when her first collection, the Classic Leaf Collection, got her into a local prestigious gallery. She said that nature continued to inspire her work.




Karen can still recall the very first pieces she made were for family and friends. She said, "Their support gave me the confidence to sell in local craft fairs." 💚





Other than the obvious, Karen also shared that when she was a college lecturer, all the staff members referred to her as KFD. "Memos always referred to me as KFD. I figured that Karen Faulkner-Dunkley Jewellery would be too difficult for people to remember, hence KFD Jewellery." 





Let's take a look at some of Karen's beautiful creations!





Turquoise Rings by Karen Faulkner Dunkley of @kfdjewellery on Instagram






Turquoise Necklace by Karen Faulkner Dunkley of @kfdjewellery on Instagram




Turquoise Jewelry by Karen Faulkner Dunkley of @kfdjewellery on Instagram











AHA moments can be unforgettable especially when you're in the process of learning and improving. For Karen, she shared that it was The Classic Leaf collection, followed by the Lily collection. Adding, "Collections have come and gone over the years, but these two still exist in my portfolio due to their popularity. I used to make the design in paper first yo check that they would work, before I made anything in silver."










Karen explained as she's not formally trained, she tends not to design on paper. Her ideas often come to her on a walk and develop in her mind and during the manufacture process. Usually, she starts with a statement necklace centerpiece then develop the other pieces in a collection from there. If she's using stones, the stone can influence the design. ✨




When asked to describe her own design style, Karen said, "Elegant, stylish jewellery with simple designs and 'clean' lines." She aims to create jewelry that is not fussy or cluttered. She makes the jewelry she loves and wants to wear. 🫶🏼




Here are a few more stunning pieces by Karen!




Turquoise Earrings by Karen Faulkner Dunkley of @kfdjewellery on Instagram





Turquoise Necklace by Karen Faulkner Dunkley of @kfdjewellery on Instagram






Handmade Turquoise Jewelry by Karen Faulkner Dunkley of @kfdjewellery on Instagram







What's one design tip you one to share with your fellow artists?



"Follow your passion and make with integrity. Create from your heart and make what you love. Have a go at everything to find what resonates with you then go all in."




One piece of technical advice on creating.



"Measure twice and cut once."




Any words of encouragement or tips to those who are starting out in the world of jewelry-making?



"Don't be too hard on yourself , technique and speed comes with time and lots of practice. Jewellery making can be extremely expensive. Don't be tempted to launch into spending vast sums on equipment. Almost everything can be made with very basic equipment and tools. The more specialist tools just make the process quicker and easier."




Lastly, here is Karen's message to the universe:




Karen Faulkner Dunkley Blog Feature by Turquoise Moose






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