Moose Spotlight: How A Metalsmith Keeps Making Meaningful Things Happen

Jewelry artist Kristen Griffin, also known as @blupit_accessories on Instagram has been metalsmithing for two years now.

Jewelry Artist Kristen Griffin of @blupit_accessories


@blupit_accessories on Instagram

Kristen shared with us that she took a class in college years ago, she has long forgotten about it. She also bought an expensive turquoise cuff and she remembered how mad at herself she was for spending the money. With that, she decided she wanted to learn how to make the cuff instead. Eventually, she found a local class to brush up her old skills and use a torch safely. Kristen then bought everything she needed for an at-home studio.

For her, with challenges there comes success. As Kristen would put it, “Challenge is what makes us successful. It’s what pushes us to step out of our box.” According to her, the craft of metalsmithing is the actual challenge as she hopes that with each piece she pushes a little bit forward with her creativity and skill.

With the pieces she makes, Kristen tells us that there are some pieces that truly just stay with her. The ones she wished she didn’t give up. She explained, “I make every piece for myself. It keeps me focused and always excited when making something for myself. When it’s done, I put it on and smile. Then I list it for sale and secretly hope no one buys it. Haha. But in all seriousness, it gives me great pleasure when someone does buy something.” She adds that seeing others purchase her pieces gives her a boost of confidence.

“Nature is everywhere,” because Kristen lives near the beach, she tells us how she has incorporated waves in her bezels on many occasions. According to her, those are always a big hit. Being in New England, they are also near the mountains. She has also incorporated mountains into some of her bezels as well.

We asked as to why she works with turquoise with her designs. She explained how she liked that turquoise has so many faces, adding, “It’s like a snowflake. Unique. Not one of my pieces will be the same as another.” She says this is unlike working with other materials that are uniform.

Check out some of her amazing work!

Turquoise Jewelry by Kristen Griffin of @blupit_accessories on Instagram

by @blupit_accessories on Instagram

Lastly, we asked Kristen what tips she could give to her fellow creators. She started with never be afraid to ask questions! “We are not in this alone. There is a great community here on Instagram and on Facebook of wonderful people that were once in our shoes. They would not have made it without support.” She shared that she finds so many great people in this community that are more than willing to give her a tip. As Kristen gets better herself, she finds people asking er for tips. To her, she finds how it’s a wonderful feeling to be able to share knowledge.

We love that kind of cycle of helping and sharing knowledge and time with fellow creators. Indeed, it is a beautiful community that continues to thrive!

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What do you like about working with Turquoise Moose?

“Turquoise Moose has a quality unlike any other. Their attention to detail is evident. They get some of the best material that you can not find anywhere else. I have 2 pieces I treasure from them. A Wild Horse Turquoise and a fox Variscite. I haven’t seen anyone else with anything like it. The wild horse is now a pendant on my mother’s neck. (Keep it close) and the Variscite will become one of my signature Big Copper cuffs for myself of course. I have seen other people’s pieces and have recognized the stones as a Turquoise Moose stone. They have a quality that is unique.”


- Kristen Griffin

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