Moose Spotlight: Crafting Jewelry Inspired by Family and Dreams

"Seeing your finished work makes everything worth it."

- Rhiannon, @gappedtoothsilver




Join the captivating journey of Rhiannon Osborne, a talented silversmith from Southern California. Since March 2022, she has been crafting mesmerizing jewelry under the moniker @gappedtoothsilver on Instagram. Inspired by her family and adorned with vintage treasures, Rhiannon's creations reflect her own unique style. Get ready to immerse yourself in her creative process, discover her AHA moments, and witness the enchanting blend of Native American and art nouveau influences.


Jewelry Artist Rhiannon Osoborne of @gappedtoothsilver on Instagram


@gappedtoothsilver on Instagram


"My family has always been a constant source of inspiration for me," Rhiannon shares. "The jewelry we wore held sentimental value, passed down from my great grandma, and collected from estate sales and flea markets. It was a dream I shared with my cousins for years, and one day, I decided to turn that dream into reality." 💚

Like any creative pursuit, Rhiannon's journey began with trial and error. In the early stages, she was focused on mastering the basics, often leaving little room for her own creative expression. However, as time went on, she discovered her artistic groove and started crafting jewelry that truly embodied her unique style and vision.

The first sale of her jewelry was a pivotal moment for Rhiannon. "I had created a ring that I intended to keep for myself, but when one of my best friends saw it, she fell in love with it instantly," she recalls. "That's when I realized that my friends and family are my biggest supporters and customers."

The name "Gapped Tooth Silver" holds a profound meaning for Rhiannon. "The gaps between the two front teeth are a shared trait among my great grandma, grandma, my mom, and myself," she explains. "It's a symbol of connection and homage to the generations of women who came before me, and it serves as the inspiration behind my brand and Instagram handle."

Let's take a look at some of her creations!


Turquoise Ring by @gappedtoothsilver on Instagram


Turquoise Keychain by @gappedtoothsilver on Instagram


Created by Rhiannon Osborne of @gappedtoothsilver on Instagram




Every piece Rhiannon creates becomes an AHA moment in itself. She finds immense joy and disbelief in witnessing her own hands bringing these intricate designs to life. It's not just about the final product but also the vibrant community of silversmiths who inspire and support one another along the way.

Her design process begins with sketches, where she explores various shapes and ideas that have been brewing in her mind. Drawing inspiration from her collection of cabochons, she meticulously plans each piece before embarking on the journey of sawing and soldering. This thoughtful approach ensures that every creation is a true reflection of her vision, leaving no room for dissatisfaction. 🥰

While Rhiannon's work leans toward Native American designs, she also aspires to infuse her jewelry with elements of Art Nouveau and the vibrant art styles that emerged from the music and poster scene of the 60s and 70s. This fusion of influences adds an enchanting twist to her already captivating creations.

Here are a few more beautiful pieces by Rhiannon!


Turquoise Ring by Rhiannon Osborne of @gappedtoothsilver on Instagram


Turquoise Neck Cuff by Rhiannon Osborne of @gappedtoothsilver on Instagram


Turquoise Jewelry by Rhiannon Osborne of @gappedtoothsilver on Instagram


In Rhiannon's own words, "Authenticity is the key to creating meaningful jewelry. Every piece I make comes from the heart and reflects my own ideas. It's the passion and love behind the process that truly make a difference." ✨



What's one design tip you one to share with your fellow artists?


"Making authentic jewelry that came from your own heart and ideas makes all the difference."


One piece of technical advice on creating.


"Learning from other silversmith's has definitely improved my work."


Any words of encouragement or tips to those who are starting out in the world of jewelry-making?


"As cheesy as it sounds don't get discouraged when you're struggling with a certain piece or with silversmithing overall. Seeing your finished work makes everything worth it."


Lastly, here's her message to the universe: 


Blog Feature for Rhiannon Osborne of @gappedtoothsilver by Turquoise Moose


Join Rhiannon Osborne on her enchanting journey as she continues to craft jewelry that not only tells a story but also celebrates the connections that bind us. Explore her captivating designs and be inspired by her unique blend of family heritage, dreams, and artistic vision.  

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