Moose Spotlight: Intricate and Unique Wire Woven Masterpieces

"Tutorials! Make things, try stuff! Every time you make a piece, you learn something."

- Sandra Dotson of @entangledco








Jewelry Artist Sandra Dotson of @entangledco on Instagram




@entangledco on Instagram




Meet Sandra Dotson, a jewelry artist creating wire woven masterpieces. Based from California, she has been creating jewelry for 4 years now - you can see her creations on Instagram @entangledco.








"Initially just a hobby, one of many, once I started wire weaving I couldn't stop." Ever since, Sandra have not  touched any of her other crafts. She's inspired by the intricacy and detail one can create with woven wire.




When Sandra was just getting started she mentioned that she's entirely self-taught. "The internet only goes so far with tutorials... lots of failed attempts, lots of questions but little answers." She added that she still faces this in so many aspects of her jewelry making journey, but explained that it's also an amazing opportunity to push through and learn more and figure it out.




Sandra's very first piece ever sold was via her Etsy store but to a friend of hers. She recalled it was months after her store opened and she didn’t sell anything. Her friend bought an abalone necklace with a tree of life on it for his mom for Mother’s Day. Sweet!




Curious if there was a significant meaning behind her brand name, Sandra explained, "I started out with Zentangle drawings, cross stitch, and crochet. Just a little wire wrapping. All these things are entangled in some way, thus Entangled Co." While she dropped everything but the wire at this point, Entangled still seems a perfect fit for Sandra. 





Let's check out some of her beautiful creations!





Wire woven pendant by Sandra Dotson of @entangledco





Handmade wire wrap pendant by Sandra Dotson of @entangledco





Wire woven pendants by Sandra Dotson of @entangledco









Firsts are almost alway special! We asked Sandra if she remembers the first AHA moment she had since she started making wire woven pieces, she said, "Yes! It came after working through various designs from another artist in a book. I suddenly had all this technical knowledge and was able to bring some of my own ideas to life. I didn't realize I had this knowledge until I suddenly did."





Here are a few more unique pieces by Sandra! 





Handcrafted Pendant by Sandra Dotson of @entangledco on Instagram







Wire wrapped turquoise cabochon pendant by Sandra Dotson of @entangledco on Instagram







Handmade Jewelry by Sandra Dotson of @entangledco on Instagram











Sandra's design process depends on the piece. She lets herself get inspired a lot by the stone she is trying to set. That usually gives her a general idea and direction and from there she lets the wire flow. "With wire things can change in an instance if there is a kink, not enough length, a delicate stone, etc. so not being to strict about a specific design helps."





When asked to describe her design style, Sandra said, "I focus on intricate woven details. I love the craftsmanship and order it takes to make wire woven pieces. I have two main directions in this: One is very flowy and ornate, the other very clean and symmetrical. Both include a lot of detail and technical difficulty which is where I strive."










What's one design tip you one to share with your fellow artists?





"Tutorials! Make things, try stuff! Every time you make a piece, you learn something. Tutorials are rewarding because you will likely have a nice outcome. I love seeing how others approach a design, it helps me make sense of the technical aspects. From there, the world is your oyster!"





One piece of technical advice on creating.





"This one is super tricky because there is so many things I could think of. I think the best technical advice is: don’t rush it! Good things take time and there is no reason to rush through something. Especially when weaving taking the time to make sure each wrap lays properly next to the previous and nothing is crooked makes a huge difference in the end product."




Any words of encouragement or tips to those who are starting out in the world of jewelry-making?





"Stay on it. It's a journey, finding your style and passion doesn't happen overnight. But when it does, it is amazing! And make sure you enjoy that journey, that's what life is about: enjoying the journey!"






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