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Getting to know new and upcoming jewelry artists and seeing how they design their jewelry is such a gift to those who have a deep appreciation for the craft - just like us. We understand how much work goes through to create a piece that can last a lifetime, and we're so glad to be able to be part of your creative journey and feature amazingly talented creators!




Jewelry Artist Skye Felsing of @skyebirdjewelry on Instagram


@skyebirdjewelry on Instagram


This is Skye Felsing, the lovely Michigan-based artist behind the Instagram handle @skyebirdjewelry. She has been creating jewelry for about a year now.




Skye is relatively new to the world of jewelry creation. She got started because her chronic illness forced her to leave work and then her job was cut when the pandemic hit. She shared that she draws inspiration from nature, architecture, the cosmos, and the beautiful people in Skye's life.


Her journey got started when her sister-in-law offered to teach Skye how to silversmith one day. She remembered spending exactly one day learning the ropes from her sister-in-law and she has been self-taught since then. Skye said coming into the world of jewelry making having zero experience is a daily challenge, but she reminds herself if she can learn how to silversmith in one day, she can do anything!


That's the spirit (Oh, and won't you look at her work? She's amazing!! 💚)


When we asked her if there was a story behind her brand name or IG handle, she said that other than the obvious that her name is Skye, she shared that her late mother always called her Skye bird. Every time she hears it, she's reminded of her mom's endless and unconditional love and how she believed in her. 




As someone who is relatively new to jewelry creation (and already rocking it!), we were curious about Skye's first AHA! moment ever since she started creating jewelry. It's moments like such that truly fuel and inspire us! 


Skye shared that she was working on a piece that had a lot of components to solder on. She learned how to use the different types of solder through much trial and error, but once the piece was finally finished, that was a big AHA! moment for her!


Take a look at some of her stunning jewelry pieces!


Turquoise Ring by Skye Felsing of @skyebirdjewelry on Instagram


White Buffalo Ring by Skye Felsing of @skyebirdjewelry on Instagram


Rings by Skye Felsing of @skyebirdjewelry on Instagram





Most of the time, Skye just starts working right away. She will have her eye on a stone she wants to use, then she will just start by making the bezel and kind of build out from there. She explained how it's a pretty organic process that is subject to how she's feeling physically and what might be particularly inspiring in that moment.


She described her style as simple and clean most of the time. "Partly due to the fact that I am still very new and still learning some of the basics," she explained. Simple statement pieces always speak to Skye, and she imagines her work will continue to trend in that direction.


Here are a few more swoon-worthy jewerly created by Skye!


White Buffalo Earrings by Skye Felsing of @skyebirdjewelry on Instagram


Genuine Turquoise Ring by Skye Felsing of @skyebirdjewelry on Instagram


Jewelry by Skye Felsing of @skyebirdjewelry on Instagram





When we asked her if she had any tips to her fellow artists, Skye mentioned how it feels strange to be giving advice when she is so new, however she's still provided a really insightful tip - and that is to trust yourself and enjoy the process! "It’s easy to get weighed down in the business end and forget to enjoy yourself," she added.


As per those who are just starting out or considering taking a leap into the world of jewelry making, Skye said to just keep going and don’t give up! In her own words, "There will be times where you feel like you’ll never be good enough or no one will want what you’re making, but just keep on! You’ll get there! I have to tell myself this pretty much every day. :-)"


Finally, her message to the universe: 


Jewelry Artist Skye Felsing's Blog Feature on Turquoise Moose


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