Moose Spotlight: Timeless Jewelry Designs Handcrafted With Love

Meet Sonia Dalaklis, she is the jewelry artist behind @accentsbysonia on Instagram. Her jewelry designs are handcrafted with love and care. If you happen to scroll through her feed, you would immediately notice how timeless her jewelry creations are! 

Jewelry Artist Sonia Dalaklis of @accentsbysonia on Instagram

@accentsbysonia on Instagram

When we asked where she usually sources her turquoise cabochons from, Sonia told us the first time she has ever used turquoise was actually through Turquoise Moose, and she made turquoise earrings! Fun fact, turquoise is one of her birthstones. 

From a jewelry artists’ point of view, we wanted to know what are the factors that help in deciding which pieces to work on. Sonia shares when she’s trying to make a decision on which piece to purchase, she usually knows it when she sees it!

With that, a bunch of ideas then start to explode in her mind. She also adds that the feel is also essential. However, with the current situation, it is difficult to be able to do that. What she does is she relies on her gut and imagination. 

Does anyone here relate to that?

Regarding her design, we were curious if she had a favorite one! Sonia shares, “My favorite signature design is probably a classic Chaplin chain.” She also mentions she plans to add turquoise to her next project. We’re very excited to see that! 

Take a look at some of her amazing turquoise jewelry! 

Turquoise Jewelry by Sonia Dalaklis of @accentsbysonia on Instagram

by Sonia Dalaklis of @accentsbysonia on Instagram



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What do you like about working with Turquoise Moose?

“So far I love working with Turquoise Moose is that they are genuine with various shapes and colors to choose from.”

- Sonia Dalaklis

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