Moose Spotlight: Taking a Leap To Silversmithing

We have always been fascinated by jewelry artists, and over the years, our eyes have been feasting on beautiful turquoise jewelry made by unique creators. In the market, there are a couple of up and coming ones that we truly admire! Here's one of them. 

Jewelry Artist Tina Holthusen of @dailyadorn on Instagram

@dailyadorn on Instagram

This New London, Minnesota-based artist is Tina Holthusen of @dailyadorn on Instagram. She is coming up on her first year anniversary of making jewelry! 

As someone who has a full-time job, Tina was looking for something that will take her mind off her stress. She told us she has always loved jewelry, but never felt like she was creative enough to make her own. Luckily, she started to learn the process. After that, she told us she was completely hooked. Now, she says she’s totally addicted to it! Whenever she gets a day off, she spends most of her time designing and creating jewelry. 

Truly, sometimes all you need to do is take that first step! 

Being a relatively new jewelry maker, we had to ask what was the most difficult part for Tina. She recalls her very first silversmithing course when she attempted to solder. Melting everything, she told us she was scared to death of the torch, but she wasn’t ready to give up. She signed up for an online course, got herself a little butane torch, and practiced whenever she had the opportunity to do so. 

Now, she loves soldering. It can still be quite a challenge for her, but she finds it so rewarding when it all comes together. 

Tina explains to us that for the most part, the only stones she creates her designs with are from what’s found on this earth. She always feels like they are a little more special and that she needs to do them justice. 

As an artist, she works with various stones as well. When it comes to turquoise, Tina told us she loves that there is such a variety of them. According to her, the endless colors and the beauty of it can’t be matched with anything else. She added that her favorite one has got to be turquoise! 

Check out some of her beautiful works! 

Turquoise Jewelry by Tina Holthusen of @dailyadorn on Instagram

by @dailyadorn on Instagram

Tina encourages her fellow artists to not give up. If you’re stuck in a creative rut, set things aside first, do something else for the moment, but never ever give up! 

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What do you like most about working with Turquoise Moose?

“Turquoise Moose has a style that is recognized by everyone that knows them. I feel confident when I purchase a stone from them, it’s going to make something amazing.”

- Tina Holthusen

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