Moose Fact: Sand Hill Turquoise Cabochon Faint Blue Color

Sand Hill turquoise is one of the most loved turquoise cabochons among Moose artists. With its undeniable beauty and stunning turquoise color, this turquoise gem that hails from Henan, north of the famous Yungai, is definitely one of the must-haves in your jewelry collection! 

Sand Hill Turquoise Cabochon Faint Blue


We want to share with you some of our current favorite sand hill turquoise sets, which are available on the website as of writing. 

Let’s start with Faint Blue colored Sand Hill turquoise. We want to be clear that every piece of turquoise at Moose is natural, not dyed, and definitely not fake. You can read more about identifying fake turquoise in this blog.


Let’s start with this dreamy set of Sand Hill Turquoise Faint Blue with a half-moon shape. 

Sand Hill Turquoise Faint Blue Half Moon

For jewelry artists who have a certain strong and deep connection with the moon, this set will go perfectly with a Moon collection. What do you think? 

Next up, this set of Sand Hill turquoise that is surfboard-shaped! 

Sand Hill Turquoise Faint Blue Surfboard

For the adventurer in you. Every turquoise has a story, and we can’t wait for you to bring them to life with your turquoise jewelry creations! 

Next on the list is this, is this set of amazing Sand Hill turquoise with round shapes and one freeform! 

Sand Hill Turquoise Faint Blue Mixed Set

With a total of 52 pieces of turquoise and a whopping total of 512 carats, there’s so much that you can create with these beautiful stones!

Lastly, we wanna share with you this stunning set of Sand Hill turquoise with various shapes, incredible color, and irresistible matrixes! 

Genuine Sand Hill Turquoise Faint Blue Mixed Set 1

Where do we even begin with this set? Even our jaws dropped when we saw these Sand Hill turquoise stones! If you fancy this type of color in turquoise cabs, this one’s definitely for you!


To know more about the origin of Sand Hill turquoise, tap this link for more information.

Ready to add more Sand Hill - Faint Blue to your collection? Check out our collection here. 

For our entire Sand Hill turquoise collection, you may browse them here. 


If you are looking for one-of-a-kind freeform turquoise from different turquoise mines, check out our freeform turquoise collections, all-natural, and cut in house!

Have something specific that you want to request? Get in touch with us and we’ll do our best to make it happen by placing a custom order here.

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