Moose Fact: Sonoran Gold Turquoise And Its Origin

Recently, Sonoran Gold turquoise was introduced to the turquoise market, and ever since many jewelry artists have been using this turquoise for their jewelry designs. 

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Sonoran Gold is mined in Mexico, near the City of Cananea. Relatively new in the market, this type of turquoise is a newer deposit in the Cananea mines. The said mine is located at Campitos Mountain.


It’s not surprising that the Sonoran Gold Turquoise has gained popularity in the past years. With its striking and unique colors, there is no doubt it is a beauty! Its distinctive colors are aqua blue, lime, bright green, and even a two-tone blue and green. Best of both turquoise worlds. 

In addition, the Sonoran Gold turquoise also showcases golden to brown matrixes. In the turquoise market, the high-grade type of Sonoran Gold turquoise is a two-tone, usually, the one that fades from baby blue to lime green. It also has a yellow spider-web matrix.



Just like most turquoise, this turquoise is soft, which is why most of it is treated or stabilized using the Zachary process. 

* Zachary treatment - this is a process that improves a turquoise stone’s ability to take a good polish. In addition, it also has the potential to improve a stone’s color, but this is not always the case. This treatment also helps in decreasing the turquoise’s porosity. 

Lastly, one more thing to note is this turquoise is not mined in veins, but as individual nuggets that are typically found in clay deposits.


Here are a couple of Sonoran Gold Turquoise Jewelry pieces created with Moose Turquoise Cabochons! 

Sonoran Gold Turquoise Jewelry by @devine_silver on Instagram

By @devine_silver on Instagram

Sonoran Gold Turquoise by on Instagram

(Note: the middle Sonoran Gold Turquoise cab is not from Turquoise Moose)
Sonoran Gold Hoop Earrings by @citrusandsagestudio


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