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Turquoise is arguably one of the most popular gemstones and is wildly recognized by many. Turquoise enthusiasts are drawn to it because of the benefits of carrying turquoise pieces - let's find out what they are!

Turquoise Healing Benefits | Turquoise Moose


What Is Turquoise and Turquoise History

Derived from the French, pierre turquoise, which means Turkish stone - due to the trade routes which has brought Turquoise to Europe from the mines in Central Asia, it went through Turkey, and Venetian merchants often purchased the stone in Turkish bazaars. 

Turquoise is a type of mineral that is a hydrous phosphate of copper and aluminum. Appearing in Ancient Egypt at around 6000 BCE, this blue-green gemstone was incorporated into protective amulets and used by royalty such as Cleopatra. 

As it is one of the very first gemstones to be mined, turquoise was considered a sacred stone by the Native Americans, using it as a tool for healing for creating a connection between heaven and Earth, as mentioned in an article in Energy Muse.  

In addition, turquoise is considered a master healer as it is able to promote an energetic flow of the highest vibrations of love. 

What are the benefits of turquoise and its importance 

For thousands of years, and in both cultures of the Old and New Worlds, turquoise has been considered as a type of stone that is holy, as it is also believed to be a bringer of good fortune or a talisman for someone who has it. In fact, in Ancient Egypt, evidence for this claim was discovered through the existence of grave furnishings with turquoise inlay, from approximately 3000 BCE. 

During the ancient Persian Empire, turquoise gemstones with sky-blue colors were worn around the neck or wrist for protection against unnatural death. Earlier, they thought if the color changed, the wearer could be doomed, but later on, it was discovered that turquoise can actually change color - caused by light, chemical reaction through cosmetics, dust, or the skin’s acidity. 

To this date, turquoise is still regarded by many due to its different healing properties, making it not just one of the most easily recognizable gems, but also well-loved by many. 

Does turquoise have healing properties?

In ancient times, it was used by different peoples for protection and healing. Nowadays, turquoise’s value has had an increase in resurgence. 

Used for medicinal properties, modern practitioners often share their core beliefs with their ancestors, such as the Earth as a sentient being, which is why every piece of it has its own frequency and vibration. It is also believed that certain crystals and stones have the power to restore health, happiness, and rejuvenate other forms of life if used in a specific type of way. 

According to research, the turquoise stone is used as an instrument of purification; it is used to eliminate negative energy and other pollutants and its adverse effects in the environment. Psychologically, it is also believed to be beneficial by practitioners when it comes to stabilizing one’s mood, self-realization, and problem-solving. 

Moreover, turquoise also has the ability to balance and align all chakras, helping with depression, exhaustion, and the prevention of panic attacks. It is also believed to be a symbol for friendship, and can also stimulate love, romantically, that is. 

In addition, it is also reported that turquoise helps when it comes to the immune system, absorbing nutrients, stimulating the regenerating of tissue, and healing of one’s entire body. In an article posted in The Charms of Life, it was mentioned it is equipped with anti-inflammatory and detoxifying effects and helps in alleviating cramps and pain. Furthermore, it also has the power to purify lungs, soothe and clear sore throats, and heal eyes. 

To this date, the turquoise stone is still being used due to its reputation in having high healing energy.

Want a cheat sheet? Here's a little infographic about the different benefits of turquoise! 

Turquoise Healing Benefits Turquoise Moose


Please feel free to save this for reference! 

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