How to Wear Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Gems

The first people to discover and use turquoise were the ancient Egyptians thousands of years ago. Since then, turquoise has remained a very popular stone. Today, you can find it in jewelry stores worldwide.

Sleeping beauty turquoise is a very particular type of turquoise. But how should you wear it to maximize its beauty? Keep reading and learn how to style sleeping beauty turquoise jewelry.


Calibrated Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Cabochons


Pair Turquoise with Neutral Shades

Sleeping beauty turquoise is unique because it is an unblemished form of turquoise. It does not have a matrix. This means it does not have any veins or remnants of other types of stone in it.

This leaves the stone very smooth and bright. This makes it very unique because most other forms of turquoise have colored veins running throughout. Once the turquoise is carved and polished, it becomes a beautiful, shiny shade of sky blue.

Other variations may be darker or lighter. Sky blue is the typical shade for this type of turquoise. But how can you style this striking stone?

Wearing sleeping beauty turquoise is not difficult. Most people want to make sure the stone stands out. You can accomplish this by wearing neutral shades.

Neutral shades are black, gray, white, and beige, among others. These shades are considered neutral because they do not clash with each other or other shades. This makes them easy to pair with turquoise jewelry.

Suppose you wear an all-black outfit. Wearing black never gets old, but having that pop of color makes things exciting. Adding a turquoise cuff could elevate your entire look.

You might not think that such a simple addition could change much, but think again. Turquoise jewelry adds a splash of color that few other types of stones can do. A turquoise bracelet will make your entire outfit pop.

The Details

If you aren't a fan of wearing cuffs or bracelets, you can rock a turquoise necklace or earrings instead. The stone should look great with other neutral shades too.

Pairing turquoise with a white outfit will give you a fresh, summery look. Pairing it with beige or gray will make your outfit look more interesting. But can you wear turquoise with other colors?

You can, but take note of what you wear. Suppose you wear an outfit with a lot of blues along with your turquoise jewelry. This outfit would take away from the striking nature of your jewelry if you are opting for your turquoise jewelry to stand out.

This is because it would blend in too much with the rest of your outfit. This is also true if you wear other bright colors. Wearing a lot of red or yellow may clash with turquoise jewelry.

People would be more focused on the color of your clothes than your jewelry. This may not be what you want if you want to show off your turquoise. When in doubt, opt for neutral shades.

You can never go wrong with neutral shades when wearing sleeping beauty turquoise jewelry. If you can't do without colored clothes, consider darker colors. Shades like rust red or navy blue work very well with turquoise.

This is because they are more subdued. This allows your turquoise to still have the spotlight. You can enjoy your favorite colorful clothes at the same time.

Learn How to Layer

Some people forget that layering jewelry is a great way to create a unique look. You can also layer jewelry with clothes. Suppose you have an elegant turquoise necklace.

Wearing it by itself is very striking, but you may want to change up your look. You can do this by adding a delicate gold necklace under the turquoise one. The rich color of the gold will contrast against the cool shade of the turquoise stones.

This makes the turquoise necklace look more eye-catching. You can achieve this same effect to a lesser extent with a silver necklace. Silver will not contrast too much against the shade of turquoise, but it will still make the look more interesting.

There is a certain art to layering jewelry. It is very easy to go overboard. When you start layering too many necklaces or bracelets on top of each other, it starts to look overdone.

All your jewelry will start to look untangled. Try not to go beyond three pieces of jewelry in one place. Wearing three necklaces allows each necklace to shine. But hey, you do whatever you think works too :) 

This is also true with bracelets and other types of jewelry. There is a bit more leverage with rings. There is no harm in putting a ring or two, or more on several fingers.

The more rings you have, the bigger a statement you will make. This is especially true if your turquoise rings are very large. You can learn to layer your jewelry with your clothes too.

What You Need to Know

Suppose you have a dainty turquoise necklace. Small necklaces aren't very noticeable. This is especially true when wearing bright or patterned clothes.

But when you wear something solid, you can make your necklace far more noticeable. Suppose you wear a black turtleneck sweater. Putting a small necklace on top of this blank slate will make it pop.

It will be the main focus of your outfit and you'll surely receive a few compliments. You can achieve this same result in other ways too. Suppose you have a turquoise bracelet you want to show off.

You should avoid sleeves with frills. This will take away from the beauty of the bracelet. Try to wear a tight, fitted sleeve instead.

This takes the attention away from the sleeve. It instead places attention on the bracelet on your wrist. You can achieve this with rings, earrings, and every other type of jewelry.

Try a More Subtle Look

You will often find sleeping beauty turquoise jewelry made with huge rocks. This creates massive rings, chunky necklaces, and bold bracelets. Some people love this look.


Freeform Sleeping Beauty turquoise cabochon


Others do not. Some people find large turquoise jewelry to be too costume-like. If you feel this way, don't worry. This doesn't mean that you have to give up on turquoise jewelry.

There are plenty of turquoise pieces that have dainty and subtle cabochons. These smaller pieces can have as much of an impact as the larger ones. The trick is learning how to style them.

Small pieces can get lost in the rest of your outfit. Consider dainty turquoise earrings. Sleeping beauty turquoise stands out naturally, but your hair can easily cover up the earrings.

Pulling your hair behind your ears will solve this problem. You can accomplish the same by putting your hair into a ponytail or bun. Putting your hair back brings all the attention to your earrings.

The smallest earrings will be noticed as long as they are in full view. It is the same with turquoise rings. Small turquoise rings are very delicate and beautiful.

What to Know

Small rings can be overshadowed by large, chunky rings. If you want your smaller rings to shine, make sure that there are no large rings near them. You can put your large rings on a different hand or wear them another day.

Putting a few small rings on your fingers will draw attention with ease. What about bracelets? Small bracelets easily go unnoticed.

It is best to wear a blouse or dress with short sleeves. This ensures that your sleeves won't swallow up your bracelet. Wearing something with tight sleeves may also work.

This would allow you to wear the bracelet over your sleeve. It is the same with necklaces. Don't wear a blouse with any frills or bows.

These extra details will hide your necklace. Opt for something more subdued and solid. You can also try something with a low neckline.

This allows your skin to frame the necklace in a classy way.

All About Wearing Sleeping Beauty Turquoise

Wearing sleeping beauty turquoise jewelry will make a splash among your friends and family. It is a very beautiful and unique type of turquoise. You can pair it with neutral shades and layer it with other jewelry.

Experimenting with more subtle pieces can also give you a unique look. To learn more about turquoise, explore our selection.

You can also check out our featured jewelry artists if you are looking to have a sleeping beauty turquoise jewelry made for you. Here is our collection of sleeping beauty turquoise cabochons.

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