Turquoise Moose Affiliate Program






Recommend and earn with Moose!


Love working with Moose cabs? Have you been a long-time Moose customer and you want to recommend it to your fellow jewelry artists or even to customers who want to do a custom order with you? You can now recommend Moose to your followers WHILE earning commissions for every successful purchase. 


How do commissions work?


💚1-15 conversions - 8% kickback
💚16-50 conversions - 10% kickback
💚51-100 conversions - 12% kickback



Apply Now! 

Step 1: Sign up here

Step 2: We will evaluate your account first! (Qualifications include: great at creating content and engaging blogs)

Step 3: We’ll reach out to you if you’re accepted and how to get started!



Have more questions? 


Reach out to us at info@tqmoose.com