3 Mesmerizing Turquoise Necklaces by Amazing Jewelry Artists

It feels like the week has gone by and one of the things that makes us truly happy is seeing your tagged posts - whether it be an Instagram story, post, or video - it’s truly remarkable to be able to see one-of-a-kind pieces made by such talented artists (such as you, reading this 🥰)


Turquoise Necklace Stones by Turquoise Moose

This week, we are sharing three beautiful and inspiring turquoise necklaces!


Starting with this oh-so-gorgeous turquoise necklace by @joujou_jewelry_ 🤩 There’s no denying that this one’s such a dreamy piece! Don’t you just love the details of this Sundial Lariat?


Turquoise lariat by @joujou_jewelry_


Made with Moose Turquoise lariat by @joujou_jewelry_


by @joujou_jewelry_ on Instagram

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The next one is this stunning double-stone turquoise necklace by @wildfloweratheart_ ✨The pendant itself is already strikingly stunning; the chain has got our jaws dropping over too much excitement!

Turquoise necklace by @wildfloweratheart_


Made with Moose Double stone Turquoise necklace by @wildfloweratheart_


by @wildfloweratheart_ on Instagram


If you’re like us and you are amazed by teardrop-shaped cabs, we’ve got you covered! Check out our vast collection of teardrop cabs featuring turquoise gems, rosarita, labradorite, tourmaline, spiny oyster, white buffalo, and more.

Last but certainly not least, this glorious sand hill turquoise necklace by @thesterlingpony 🤩 Talk about a head-turning statement piece, right? If this made you say “turquoise over diamonds,” we’re definitely with you on that one 🥰

Sand hill turquoise necklace by @thesterlingpony


Made with Moose Sand hill turquoise necklace by @thesterlingpony


by @thesterlingpony on Instagram

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We have been loving highlighting your enchanting Made with Moose creations and we are excited to share more and be more wonderstruck by your talents 💚 Check out our drool-worthy new cab collection here!


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