Creating with Half Moon, Heart, and Teardrop Shape Turquoise Jewelry

This week we are surviving the insane storm in California, but hey, seeing your creations truly lifts us up! On Moose's Instagram, we are seeing so many of you tag us this week, and we constantly are getting inspired by what you make, so we want to share some of them with you!

Here are three design inspirations featuring unique handmade jewelry pieces from the Moose community. Thank you for tagging us in your creations. 


Weekly design inspos from the Moose community by Turquoise Moose

Here are some statement necklaces that's sure to turn heads! Check out these gorgeous stamped scalloped necklaces featuring half-moon-shaped turquoise cabochons from the talented Breean Falcon of @midnight_falcon_jewelry on Instagram! They're truly one-of-a-kind necklaces that will make one to stand out in any crowd.




By @@midnight_falcon_jewelry: See it on Instagram

Feeling inspired to create your own half-moon-shaped pieces? We've got you covered. Take a peek at our collection of half-moon-shaped cabs and get started on your next creation. Check out our collection here.

We also stumbled upon these stunning Yungai turquoise heart chokers by the amazing @rockyrita_jewelry. Who could resist the charm of a heart-shaped pendant paired with a gorgeous turquoise cab? We know we can't! Who else adores these beauties? 




By @rockyrita_jewelry: See it on Instagram

Get started with your very own heart-shaped jewelry pieces! Take a look at our collection of heart shape cabs here.

One of the most difficult shapes to cut is the teardrops. Look at this mesmerizing teardrop-shaped turquoise ring by the lovely @entangledco! This captivating beauty is sure to turn heads. Every person needs at least one turquoise ring, right? 



By @entangledco: See it on Instagram

Start bringing your teardrop-shaped inspired designs to life. Take a look at our teardrop shaped cabochons here. 

There are a bunch of inspiring Made with Moose creations from you and we can’t wait to share them more with our Moose friends. Check out our new ins here for fun shapes and mines that add joy to your creative journey! 


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