Moose Spotlight: Hand Forged Sterling Silver Jewelry Creations

Finding talented and amazing jewelry artists on Instagram is one of the best parts of this community. Not only do we get to enjoy their jewelry creations, but we also learn from their journey, their style, and even some handy tips!




Jewelry Artist Jayde Scholes of @fivehorizonssilver on Instagram


@fivehorizonssilver on Instagram


Jayde Scholes a jewelry artist based in Queensland, Australia. She has been making jewelry for 4 years now, and has been silversmithing for approximately eight months. She is also the extremely talented creator behind the account @fivehorizonssilver on Instagram.




Jayde shares how she has always been a creative person with an appreciation for both art and beautiful jewelry. One of the things that inspired her to start creating jewelry is to her, jewelry making is a way to combine both of those loves. 


She adds that it's her creative outlet and she loves that it's a form of art that can be worn on the body and can be appreciated. on the daily. In her own words, she said, "There's nothing quite as special as wearing a beautiful, one of a kind piece of jewellery that you know has been thoughtfully created by hand with intention and love."


We couldn't agree more!


When Jayde was just starting out, she had zero knowledge and was only equipped with very basic equipment. As she is a self-taught silversmith, she encountered lots of trial and error. She believes that trial and error can be one of the best teachers as the errors she encountered along the way ended up being the most important lessons she has learned. 


Having such a unique name for her Instagram and jewelry brand, we asked if it had any personal meaning to her. Jayde shared that the name Five Horizons was derived from a line from one of her favorite Pearl Jam songs. Just like the rock band, Jayde also has five members in her family (herself, her husband and their 3 children)!


To her, it also represents that while they are a close family, they each have our own path to walk in life. This is so beautiful! 




There will always be that one AHA! moment when we're trying to learn something new. Jayde recalled how she  used to really dislike soldering on ear posts, because she was always melting them. One day, while she was watching YouTube, she came across a different technique that worked so well for her, and now soldering ear posts is one of her favorite tasks! 


Jayde said it was a great lesson that if something isn't working for you, try a different way! She added, "Your weaknesses can become your biggest strengths."


Take a look at some of her gorgeous jewelry pieces!


Turquoise Earrings by @fivehorizonssilver on Instagram


Turquoise Ring by @fivehorizonssilver on Instagram


Oval-shaped Turquoise Ring by @fivehorizonssilver on Instagram


Square-shaped Turquoise Ring by @fivehorizonssilver on Instagram


Turquoise Jewelry by @fivehorizonssilver on Instagram




For Jayde, turquoise itself is her biggest inspiration when she's creating jewelry, so her design process goes usually like this. She always starts by choosing a stone and then building the design around it. Generally, she has a rough idea in her head that she sketches out on a notepad, but the design usually changes and evolves during the process of creating the piece of jewelery.


She described her design style as  a bit eclectic and definitely still evolving, but for the most part her designs have a boho/Western vibe to them. She emphasized how she loves detail, so most of her designs incorporate a lot of small elements such as silver castings and hand-forged shot detail.


Here are a few more jewelry designs by Jayde!


Turquoise Hoop Earrings by @fivehorizonssilver on Instagram


Authentic Turquoise Ring by @fivehorizonssilver on Instagram


Genuine Turquoise Rings by @fivehorizonssilver on Instagram


Bar-shaped Turquoise Hoop Earrings by @fivehorizonssilver on Instagram




Turquoise Jewelry by Jayde Scholes of @fivehorizonssilver on Instagram





One design-tip Jayde wants to share with fellow jewelry artist is one that she's still working on herself. She shares sometimes, less is more. If a design isn't looking quite right, try simplifying it by removing a design element. Moreover, she also mentioned that at times, you just have to let the beauty of the stone shine without too many extra details.


For those who are just getting started in the world of jewelry-making or who want to get right into it, Jayde said that when starting out and still developing one's own style, it can be hard not to be heavily inspired by other artists work, but always try to think outside the box. "Experiment with lots of different techniques, develop your own unique ideas and find your authentic style ✨"


Lastly, Jayde's message to the universe: 


Jayde Scholes @fivehorizonssilver on Instagram Blog Feature on Turquoise Moose



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