Moose Spotlight: Creating Jewelry Pieces That Feel Good

Finding talented jewelry artists to feature makes us feel inspired. The story behind their jewelry journey, how they get inspired by their work, and more... it makes us even feel more connected to the artist and their work. That's why we love doing this :)




Jewelry Artist Rena Ezell of @harveygirlcollection on Instagram


@harveygirlcollection on Instagram


Meet Rena Ezell, the talented jewelry designer behind the brand Harvey Girl Collection, also seen on Instagram under the handle @harveygirlcollection. She's based in Sunset, Texas and has been making jewelry for 10 years, while she started silversmithing 2 years ago. 




Every journey has an origin story! 


When we asked her what inspired her to create jewelry, she said she wanted to share her energy, love of art, and creating with other people. With jewelry-making, Rena is able to do those things.


When Rena was just starting out, she actually learned to solder with a soldering iron and moved into a small cooking torch. Rena shares she's looking forward to growing and learning more each time she picks up her torch now. She adds that each experience at her bench brings a time for learning.


Curious about what her brand name means, we asked Rena if it meant anything significant to her. She shares her name Rena is pronounced Renee. Joking how her parents scarred her for life 😂. When she was a young girl, her cousins would sing "Na Na Harveyray” also long a’s.


When she first got married 30 years ago, one of her cousins brought it up in conversation and her husband picked up on it and started calling Rena “Harvey Ray” as a nickname. So when it came a time to name her brand, it was an obvious choice.


This is such a sweet story! 





We'd like to think each artist gets that one moment where they feel pleased about their creation, that's why we ask some of our favorite creators what theirs are! 


For Rena, most of her AHA! moments have been over the last year of working with silversmithing. One of the biggest moments was when she realized how making a piece requires so many parts that are lifeless on their own. Once she forms them all together, Rena describes it like breathing life into it. Every time a new piece is finished, she feels amazed. 


Take a look at some of her jewelry designs!



Turquoise Ring by Rena Ezell of @harveygirlcollection on Instagram



White Buffalo Ring by Rena Ezell of @harveygirlcollection on Instagram


Turquoise Jewelry by Rena Ezell of @harveygirlcollection 




Rena's design process is pretty straightforward! She shared that she likes to play with parts and texture in her design process. She loves adding details to a piece.


When we asked her to describe her design style, she summarized it with, "Everything I do is feminine with just a touch of masculinity."


Here is one more stunning turquoise jewerly created by Rena! 

Genuine Turquoise Ring by Rena Ezell of @harveygirlcollection on Instagram


Turquoise Ring by Rena Ezell of @harveygirlcollection




One design tip Rena wants to share with her fellow artist is, "It can be done with a big shot blazer torch." She said she made everything using one, until about six months ago she stepped up and bought a proper torch. In addition, she mentioned that heat control is what it is all about.


As per her tip to those who are just starting out creating jewelry or thinking about starting, Rena said, "Never stop learning, and countless hours of practice."


Lastly, this is her message to the universe. 

Rena Ezell of @harveygirlcollection feature by Turquoise Moose


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