Moose Spotlight: From Earth to Art Jewelry Creations

Creating a piece of jewelry which is inspired by nature is one of the most precious and special things to be able to do in the jewelry space. To have jewelry artists create beautiful jewelry pieces that can be enjoyed and treasured by many is such a lovely gift to have as well. 




Jewelry Artist Judith Jansen of @judithjansenjewelry on Instagram


@judithjansenjewelry on Instagram


Meet jewelry artist Judith Jansen of @judithjansenjewelry. Based in Grand Haven, Michigan, Judith has been creating jewelry for 30 years now. She shared that this is a second career for her, having been a high school Physical Education teacher and women’s gymnastic in Glendale, Wisconsin. After multiple job transfers for her husband, they landed in Kalamazoo, Michigan where she started to take jewelry classes at the KIA (The Kalamazoo Institute of Art).




Judith has always loved jewelry and fashion. She thinks that I think that inspiration came from her grandma who always looked smashing back in the ‘50s and ‘60s, adding that every outfit had matching gloves, hats, purses, and of course, jewelry. 


Now that Judith is a grandma, it has come full circle! Whenever she's not in her studio creating, she always tries to have fun matching fashion. 


When Judith was starting out, she had no idea that she would actually ever be able to sell any jewelry that she'd ever created. With that thought in mind, she just went along learning sawing, filing, soldering, sanding and polishing, and making things she thought were cool.


About 2 years into her learning, after learning about reticulation (which she loves but haven’t done much lately), Judith was wearing a finished necklace with 3 strands of black onyx beads, reticulated connecting components and multiple jump rings.


She recalled having a stranger on the street stop her and asked about the piece. Judith explained and answered her questions; the next thing she knew, the necklace was sold and she started J3 Judith Jansen Jewelry.




As a jewelry artist, Judith tried to study with master goldsmiths and artists from all over the United States, as well as one artist from Florence, Italy. Her AHA moment came in 2002 when she was studying with a Master Goldsmith in New York City.


Judith was learning to alloy gold and work using 22-karat gold. She remembered how it was nerve wracking to create with such expensive material but she was determined to learn and be successful.


At the end of a long 40 hour week, Judith left the NYC studio with 2 finished pieces, a ring and a bracelet, and felt like she could tackle anything (even thought she knew deep down there was way more to learn… the learning never stops, as she said).


Take a look at some of Judith's statement pieces!


Genuine Turquoise Necklace and Turquoise Cuff by Judith Jansen of @judithjansenjewelry on Instagram


Handmade Cuff by Judith Jansen of @judithjansenjewelry on Instagram


Handmade Jewelry by Judith Jansen of @judithjansenjewelry on Instagram





Judith shares her designs are usually based around a stone, either a cabochon or a faceted stone. "I tend to think about things for quite awhile before I even do any pencil sketches in my sketch book," she added. In addition, Judith always thinks about what techniques to use, what metal to use, and how her best creativity and skills will show off that stone.


"I love large statement jewelry. I’m not afraid to create something big and bold," Judith declared when we asked her to describe her design style. She also loves colorful stones, especially stones that are any shade of blue. She thinks her designs are heavily influenced from the southwest: Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado to designs from Europe back in the Byzantine era when there was so much use of 22k gold, granulation, and fusing metal techniques.


Here are a few more stunning jewelry creation by Judith!


Handmade Necklace by Judith Jansen of @judithjansenjewelry on Instagram


Jewelry by Judith Jansen of @judithjansenjewelry on Instagram


Statement Jewelry by Judith Jansen of @judithjansenjewelry on Instagram




What's one design tip you one to share with your fellow artists? 


"Something that is difficult for me to do, is to never be in a hurry to get a piece finished. Sometimes I just need to slow down. I get very excited about creating jewelry. And when I start a new creation, I always have to remind myself to slow down. Taking your time, and enjoying the production journey, will just make the feeling of accomplishment and pride that much more fulfilling when you are finally finished."


Any words of encouragement or tips to those who are starting out in the world of jewelry-making?


"There is so much to learn from fabricating techniques to wax carving and casting techniques when you create jewelry. Learn it all, but learn the basic skills really well. Don’t plan on having soft hands and beautifully manicured finger nails if you’re going to make jewelry. Creating jewelry using beautiful stones and precious metal is so much fun and very addicting. I find the hours and days fly by when I’m working, creating jewelry."


Finally, Judith's message to the universe:


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