Moose Spotlight: Making Jewelry with Natural Antler Sheds

If ABBA was able to create a song dedicated to music, Team Moose can probably create a bunch of artist features and content about how much we appreciate art, especially jewelry-making. After all, what would life be without art, right? Of course, the creative minds behind beautiful pieces we get to admire as well! 




Jewelry Artist Rebecca Wilkinson of @antlernwired on Instagram


@antlernwired on Instagram


Meet Rebecca Wilkinson, a jewelry artist based in Miles City, Montana. Creating jewelry for 3 years now, she's the brilliant artist behind the account @antlerNwired on Instagram.




Upon asking Rebecca what inspired her to get started with creating jewerly pieces, she told us that she was inspired by nature; natural antler sheds are the main staple she loves working with. Followed by stones, metal, flowers, and more. Rebecca loves finding and trying new things.


When Rebecca was just starting out, jewelry-making served as a hobby to have a creative outlet while she's living in a small space. She shared that her biggest struggle was sharing her work with others and actually feeling they deserved a value for what she puts into them. At that time, what encouraged her was her co-workers who showed their support. Rebecca sold her first 7 pieces to them!


Her brand name 'AntlerNwired' is as straightforward as it is: it came from Rebecca's two favorite staples in her jewelry - antler and wire wrapping.




As artists, we have an idea about how frustrating it is at times especially when you're just getting started. Rebecca recalls having her first AHA! moment when she was creating her third piece, she shares that about the third piece in and realizing she has found something creative that she's good at!


Moments like that are incomparable, surreal, and will always be treasured.


Take a look at some of Rebecca's amazing pieces!


Turquoise and Antler Handmade Jewelry by Rebecca Wilkinson of @antlernwired on Instagram


Handmade Jewelry by Rebecca Wilkinson of @antlernwired on Instagram


Handmade Jewelry by Rebecca Wilkinson of @antlernwired on Instagram




When we asked Rebecca what's her design process like, she told us that she doesn't design pieces. Rather, the process happens as she works with each piece, she elaborated that pieces can change as it goes along. She also added that if it's not flowing, she puts the starting piece aside and she comes back to it later. 


Asking her to describe her design style, she told us it's mainly focused on natural elements. 


Here are a few more jewelry pieces created by Rebecca!


Turquoise and Antler Earrings by Rebecca Wilkinson of @antlernwired on Instagram


Handcrafted Jewelry by Rebecca Wilkinson of @antlernwired on Instagram


Handcrafted Jewelry by Rebecca Wilkinson of @antlernwired on Instagram





What's one design tip you one to share with your fellow artists? 


"Try new things. Sometimes those are the best choices."


Any words of encouragement or tips to those who are starting out in the world of jewelry-making?


"Enjoy the process. Don’t undersell yourself or be afraid to share your creativity with others."


Lastly, Rebecca's message to the universe:


Turquoise Moose Blog Feature for Rebecca Wilkinson


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