Moose Spotlight: Journeying Through a Metalsmith’s Creativity

Have you stumbled upon the account @smj.designs on Instagram? If so, you’re in for a treat as we got to talk to the Salt Lake City, Utah-based jewelry artist behind the account. Meet Sierra Marley Jewett. She sometimes does work on the road along with her van. Talk about an adventure! She has been creating jewelry for two years now. 

Jewelry Artist Sierra Marley Jewett of @smj.designs on Instagram

@smj.designs on Instagram

Sierra recalls making friendship bracelets during her elementary school years! She even did a little wire wrapping before she dived into silversmithing. Her agenda for some time is to actually work with metal until she found out that the school she was attending offered a course on Jewelry Culture and Design. She shared with us that it was there that she learned the basics of lapidary and metalsmithing. 

Truly serendipitous! 

Every jewelry artist faces different challenges and for Sierra, the most challenging one is putting the stone on the ring band straight! She told us she has yet to master that and end up trying a few times. “I also have slight OCD when it comes to this part,” she added. Currently, she’s working on a custom turquoise inlay bracelet and it is absolutely the most challenging piece she has made so far, won't be one that gets forgotten. 

Nature, for Sierra, inspires her when she creates. “Just being out in nature all the time inspires me to get back to the studio to start creating.” She shared with us the break from the city life and fresh air she gets enable her to get inspired. 

When we asked her why turquoise, she answered with an exuberant “Why not turquoise!” Sierra finds turquoise beautiful as it comes with such a wide variety of colors and that it is a unique stone. We couldn’t agree more! 

Look at some of her beautiful work!

Turquoise Jewelry by Sierra Marley Jewett of @smj.designs

by @smj.designs on Instagram

As a tip for fellow creators, Sierra said not to get caught up in what other creators are doing. Highlighting on uniqueness, she added focusing on what you already have going on and from there your own unique style will develop. “You never wanna be the look-a-like brand. Stand out from others.”

What do you like most about working with Turquoise Moose?

“I think my favorite part of turquoise moose is the cuts. Every stone seems to be perfectly calibrated and high quality! I know that I am getting the best of the best EVERY time.” 

- Sierra Marley Jewett

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