Moose Spotlight: A Love Affair With Turquoise and Leather

If you have been following the turquoise world for quite some time, no matter where you are in the world, you might have heard of @buffalogirllife on Instagram already. Meet Terry Cronin, the owner-operator of Buffalo Girl from the land down under, specifically in Byron Bay, Australia. Terry has been creating for fifteen years now, you’d see her making not just jewelry, but she makes bags and wallets as well!

Jewelry Artist Terry Cronin of @buffalogirllife on Instagram

@buffalogirllife on Instagram

Terry shared that she finds a lot of her inspiration from nature and the sense of adventure. She loves everything cowgirl - the American west, the colors of the desert, and the wild horses. She takes inspiration for her designs from the gorgeous colors of the horses’ coats, their stunning flowing manes, and their elegance and graceful movement. She has always been infatuated with the Native Americans, such as the totems like the Eagle and the symbol of courage and strength. 

As Terry makes everything by hand, the biggest challenge for her when it comes to creating is time. She told us she’s limited to how much she’s able to create in a day. It’s no denying that she is blessed to have the capacity to create with hands, but she wishes she had more hours in the day to bring her designs to come to life. 

For her designs, nature is her biggest inspiration. Terry spent her childhood riding horses through mountain trails and along the beach in New Zealand. This has shaped not only who she is today but her brand as well. 

Curious as to why she uses turquoise to her designs, Terry explained that she has always been drawn to turquoise - not only due to its bright and stunning hues, but also because of its protective, cleansing, and healing properties. “I love the combination of turquoise and leather, it is such a classic look that really stands the test of time.”

Take a look at her iconic designs!

Turquoise Leather Bags and Turquoise Jewelry by Terry Cronin of @buffalogirllife

“Follow your heart, it knows the way!” This is what Terry told us when we asked her for a tip to her fellow creators. She continued encouraging by pushing on with one’s dreams by dedicating oneself fully to their vision. Lastly, she said to remind yourself daily of your goal and do something every day to get closer to it. 

If you’re looking for inspiration today, that might be it! 

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What do you like most about working with Turquoise Moose?

“It is always such a pleasure working with Erika and the team at Turquoise Moose, I am always met with wonderful customer service and they always have a fabulous selection of high-quality stones.”

- Terry Cronin

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Hello darling ohakune sending you the winter vibe – have rented houses and holed up in Auckland for winter. Thank goodness a season this year. All good here in Nz not really a lot of change in lifestyle. You’re looking gorgeous as always 😘

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