Mesmerizing Jewelry Creations Inspired by Nature

Hello, Moose friends! BFCM 2023 is over, we hope you were able to grab some amazing cabs from our collections! Now, we're so excited to share with you a showcase of mesmerizing jewelry creations from our Moose community on Instagram! We are always on the lookout to feature your creations, please tag us using #MadeWithMoose 💚 


Turquoise Necklaces by @lostgirljewelry


lostgirljewelry turquoise necklaces


Starting with these beauties by @lostgirljewelry - these pieces remind us so much of nature! We can't help but marvel at the beauty of each piece - and adding those turquoise beads is a really nice touch! What do you think? 


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Purple Lavender Variscite and Lotus Flower Shadowbox Ring by @languageofstones


purple lavender variscite by @languageofstones


We are ever so enchanted by the lovely creations of @languageofstones! We are so obsessed with the the intricate details complementing the dreamy hues of the stone. Talk about a wearable piece of art, right? LOVE!


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Shark’s Teeth Jewelry with Pops of Turquoise by @saltwater.and.silver


shark's teeth with turquoise jewelry by @saltwater.and.silver


If you have been following the ever-so-talented @saltwater.and.silver - from the get-go you'd probably know these are her unique creations! We are so amazed by the unique designs - the incorporation of shark’s teeth with pops of turquoise truly reminds us of nature. What do you think? :)


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There you have it, Moose friends! We hope these creations bring you inspiration, too! Please don't forget to share your own creations on Instagram, tag us @turquoise_moose, and use #MadeWithMoose to get featured. See you again next week! ♡


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