Moose Holiday Shopping Guide 2023

Hello, Moose Fam! 🦌✨

'Tis the season of turquoise beauties and more gemstone delights, and we're thrilled to guide you through some gorgeous cabs, gems, beads, and more for your creations!



It would be stating the obvious if we say we are lovers of turquoise 😆 But for those of you who share the same love with us, here are some turquoise cabs you might want to look at and create with for your next creations! 

Sleeping Beauty Turquoise

When you think about sleeping beauty, you imagine a serene sky-blue beauty, perfect for creations with minimal to no matrix. Are you a fan of no-matrix turquoise? 

Royston Turquoise

Dubbed one of the world's most popular turquoise mines, Royston is well-loved for its rich colors and distinctive heavy matrix. Oh and did we mention, Royston turquoise ribbons? We love how it reminds us of nature so much! 

Bisbee Turquoise

No doubt, this is also quite popular in the world of turquoise - especially to turquoise collectors - just check out its rich hues and unique look! If you are making a piece of turquoise jewelry for yourself, would you create it with these? 

Ithaca Peak Turquoise

The new addition to the turquoise cabochon club! We have just recently introduced Ithaca Peak turquoise and we are so in love with its vibrant colors and unique matrix patterns already! If you would create with these, please don’t forget to tag us in your work on Instagram - we are giddy to see them added to your jewelry creations. 




As much as we love turquoise gemstones, we have a big love for other gemstones for jewelry, too! Feast your eyes on a spectrum of hues with some of these magical gems.

White Buffalo

We aren’t surprised that white buffalo is also one of our most popular collections for this year! It’s hard to ignore its beauty and uniqueness, do you agree? 

Ruby in Kyanite

We also released this beauty this year! Add these lovelies to your creations - we don’t know about you, but we can’t stop staring at them! 

Pietersite Quartz

Just like Ruby in kyanite, these beauties were released at the beginning of the year! Use them as a centerpiece for your statement pieces, we bet you’re going to love them :)



For lovers of dainty pieces and if you are creating with precision, our calibrated gemstones are your best bet!

Kingman turquoise

Create with its bold blues and intricate matrix patterns from the famous Kingman mine.

Spiny Oyster

If you feel like spicing up your creations with some pops of orange, look no further! Turquoise and orange spiny oyster? What a treat to the eyes - agree? 

Sonoran Gold turquoise

Your gorgeous design along with the warmth and radiance of Sonoran Gold turquoise, yes, please!

Carico Lake turquoise

Create with the rare beauty of Carico Lake turquoise :)

New Lander

Infuse your designs with the captivating hues and patterns of New Lander variscite. 


Say yes to beads! Add them to your creations for more fun :) 

Yungai turquoise

Sonoran Lime turquoise

Sleeping Beauty turquoise


Discover our best-selling mines, each with its unique charm: Sand Hill turquoiseYungai turquoiseMixedTreasure Mountain turquoise, and Lucid variscite


Now, for our most popular cab shapes: RoundsOvalTeardropMixed, and Freeform.


Don't miss out on:

Rough Turquoise

Create your own cabochons with rough turquoise stones.

Moose Academy Lapidary Courses

Learn how to create your own cabs with our lapidary classes. Newbies and pros are welcome! We’ve got an introductory course and some expert tips and tricks for those who are already enjoying the world of lapidary. 


Moose Gift Cards

Got a jewelry artist friend? Make their holidays brighter with a Moose Gift Card so they can handpick the cabs, beads, gems, or other material they want for their creations! Ranging from $50 to $1000.

We hope these selections bring joy and inspiration to your creations. If you have any questions or need assistance, feel free to DM us on Instagram @turquoise_moose

Happy Creating,


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