7x9 mm Oval Carico Lake, Set of 2

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4x4mm Round Carico Lake, Set of 10

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5x7mm Oval Carico Lake, Set of 4

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6x8mm Oval Carico Lake, Set of 2

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3x5mm Oval Carico Lake, Set of 10

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4x6mm Oval Carico Lake, Set of 10

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12x16mm Teardrop Carico Lake, Set of 1

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8x22mm Surfboard Carico Lake, Set of 2


8x10mm Oval Carico Lake, Set of 2

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8x12mm Teardrop Carico Lake, Set of 2

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12x16mm Oval Carico Lake, Set of 1

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8x16mm Surfboard Carico Lake, Set of 2

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Learn About the Famous and Rare Carico Lake Turquoise

Explore the Highly Collectible Carico Lake Turquoise at Turquoise Moose.

Beautiful Stones Mined From an Old Lake in Nevada

There are turquoise mines located worldwide, but the United States is one of the best countries to find high-quality turquoise. Nevada is home to a world-renowned turquoise mine and boasts a rare and gorgeous strain of turquoise. 

Carico Lake turquoise is found in Lander County, Nevada. The mine is south of Battle Mountain. The mine is named after a dried-up lake bed. 

In the past, the stone was called by other names, like Aurora or Stone Canyon turquoise. Due to the harsh winter weather conditions and remote locations, there isn't a lot of time to mine this turquoise during the year. These factors contribute to its value as rare turquoise. 

What Sets Carico Lake Turquoise Apart

The Carico Lake Mine produces a wide range of turquoise that ranges in color from light greens to dark blues. You can even find some stones with dark blue or yellow webbing. 

The mine is most known for its lime green colored stones. The green color is caused by faustite, a close relative to turquoise. The combination of zinc and faustite creates a gorgeous coloration effect that you can't find anywhere else. 

Why Use Collect or Use Carico Lake Turquoise in Your Jewelry?

In addition to Carico Lake turquoise being a great investment due to its rarity, it's also an incredibly beautiful stone. This mine produces some of the most unique color combinations and patterns. Carico Lake turquoise makes a great addition to your jewelry store or stone collection. 

Some of the artists who create with it are:

  • Jewelry designers and creators
  • Gem collectors
  • Silversmiths
  • Jewelry hobbyists
  • Jewelry store owners

Explore Unique Shapes and Colors 

We carry Carico Lake turquoise in various sizes, shapes, and colors. Creating unique and personalized jewelry with countless options. 

Our turquoise cutters use the best quality stones when sourcing stones. 

Where Can I Purchase Carico Lake Turquoise?

Turquoise Moose carries a wide range of Carico Lake turquoise stones. We partner with reputable mines, like Carico Lake, to deliver ethically sourced gemstones. 

Calibrated Carico Lake turquoise is available in various sizes, shapes, and quantities. Some of them include:

  • 5X5mm round
  • 4X6mm oval
  • 4X4mm round
  • 5X7mm oval
  • 9X18mm surfboard

You can also select different colors when you purchase Carico Lake Turquoise. Our color choices are:

  • Faint blue
  • Sky blue
  • Lake green 

You can let us know your ideal matrix patterns and colors when you check out. 

Browse Our Selection of Rare Carico Lake Turquoise

We are happy to carry gemstones that you can't find anywhere else. We're a trusted source of genuine gemstones sourced from reputable mines around the world.

Browse our collection of genuine Calibrated Carico Lake turquoise. 

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