You simply cannot ignore turquoise. It's magical, healing, and full of energy. Once you see it, you get drawn by its beauty and its positivity - the pop of color that makes you feel calm, relaxed, and at the same time happy. That is exactly how we feel at Turquoise Moose. 

Turquoise Moose: A journey to a 10-year collecting experience

Team Moose was the first one in the industry to perfect natural turquoise in faceted bars - and the rest was history. Since then, we have been working hard and having fun in creating various unique shapes made from 100% genuine materials. 

Li from Turquoise Moose at a Turquoise mine

In 2017, lifelong turquoise hobbyists turned into lapidarist Li and Erika started Turquoise Moose as an avenue to make genuine cabochons available online.We knew how frustratingly hard it is to acquire genuine and unprocessed turquoise. At that time, people went to trade shows which were costly to travel to, with only a small shopping window for creators. 

Sand Hill and Royston turquoise rough | Turquoise Moose

(L-R: Sand Hill and Royston rough)

It got excruciatingly difficult to look for pieces that are at par with our standards, so we decided to take it upon ourselves to bring the materials to us and help our fellow turquoise enthusiasts in getting the best kind of materials for their jewelry-making. We wanted to avoid the horror of poor-quality purchases and eventually found reputable mine owners across the globe to work with, which then gave birth to Turquoise Moose. 

Giraffe and Treasure Mountain turquoise rough | Turquoise Moose

(L-R: Giraffe and Treasure Mountain rough)

Yungai Turquoise rough | Turquoise Moose

(Yungai rough)

We dedicate ourselves to providing the best experience for you as we are believers in the magic that can happen between what the Earth provides us and in what we can do with our own hands. Within three years, we grew from one cutter to three cutters, and we are happy to be serving thousands of you today.  With our one-year guarantee, we’ll take the guesswork out of buying high-quality turquoise materials so you can focus more on designing beautiful pieces of turquoise jewelry with ease. 

About Turquoise Moose

Our team wanted a symbol that has a strong representation of freedom, strength, and loyalty, which is why we chose Moose. Our online store was built from our love for lapidary, particularly with eye-catching material. We are fueled with the desire to help you cut the clutter and acquire quality turquoise cabochons easily from a reliable source who shares the same love. 

With its undeniable beauty, we know how sought-after turquoise stones are, which is why we make sure to work directly with mine owners from the Southwest of the United States, Hubei, China, Mongolia, Mexico, and all around the world. With our authentic materials, lightning-fast shipping, reliable customer service, we assure you a happy and convenient shopping experience with Turquoise Moose. 

We stand behind the Moose Verified quality standard. That’s a promise from one turquoise lover to another. We love the journey of cutting raw materials. We are so blessed that thousands of creators from more than 20 countries have created so many designs from our work. With the light, the jewels, the beautiful shines from every single jewelry piece you create, we love to say THANK YOU for being part of the carrier of the stones' journey! - With Love xoxo Team Moose