6x6mm Round Onyx, Set of 24


5x5mm Round Onyx, Set of 24


10x12mm Oval Onyx, Set of 8


6x8mm Oval Onyx, Set of 24


10x14mm Oval Onyx, Set of 8


8x10mm Oval Onyx, Set of 10


13x18mm Oval Onyx, Set of 4


7x9mm Oval Onyx, Set of 20


9x11mm Oval Onyx, Set of 8

Onyx usually refers to the parallel banded variety of chalcedony, a silicate mineral. Onyx stones have straight, mostly parallel bands or layers of color. In many cultures, onyx is believed to have the ability to absorb negative energy and release positive energy. The Romans associated onyx with courage. The onyx stone is being used in jewelry for thousands of years.

Shape: oval

Mine: Onyx

Calibrated size: 6X6mm, 8x10mm, 10x12mm, 9x11mm, 10x14mm, 13x18mm

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