Turquoise Moose Ambassador Program Overview

Welcome to Turquoise Moose! We’re excited to have you on board as one of our ambassdors. We invite only a limited number of ambassadors who are laser-focused in the same community we serve, and who share the same value as us to spread happiness to the jewelers’ world!

To get started, please follow these steps: 

  1. Visit this sign-up page: https://s2.affiliatly.com/af-1049705/affiliate.panel?mode=register

Moose Affiliate Step 1


2. Once registered, please select a payment method. You can either opt for PayPal or Bank Transfer.

Moose Affiliate Step 2


3. You can either encourage your followers to use your special discount code, which we will be providing, or you can also share your ambassador link which can be found here. (Note: we encourage you to share your link especially in your social media bio.)


Moose Affiliate Step 3


4. COMMISSIONS. For every purchase using your code or ambassador link, you will receive a kickback. You will upload the first video within 5 days upon arrival of the package. It can either be an Instagram story or IG video/Reel

Tiered commissions: 

    1. 1-15 conversions - 8% kickback
    2. 16-50 conversions - 10% kickback
    3. 51-100 conversions - 12% kickback

Commissions will be calculated by the end of the month and payments will be sent every end of the month. That’s it! Our current top earners are compensated a few hundred to thousands in US dollars monthly by sharing their special discount codes and affiliate links to their: 

    1. YouTube videos
    2. Instagram posts
    3. Instagram stories
    4. TikTok
    5. Bio links
    6. Newsletters (onboarding and weekly) The more you share your code and affiliate link, the better! It’s a win-win situation for all!


Here are some helpful tips to produce the most interactive content that will help you convert, but what we found the most effective way is if you got your own version and put everything in your own words and deliver authentically. This list is just a suggestion, and the sky's the limit :)

  1. Show teaser videos of your how-to create videos
  2. Unboxing videos 
  3. Creation process
  4. Host giveaways

Feel free to reach out to us at ambassadors@tqmoose.com should you have any questions about the Turquoise Moose Ambassador Program.