9x11mm Royal Orange Teardrop Citrine Quartz, Set of 2


Small Royal Orange Round Citrine Quartz, Set of 3


Small Yellow Mixed Citrine Quartz, Set of 2


8x10mm Royal Orange Bar Citrine Quartz, Set of 2


Citrine Gemstones for Jewelry Artistry: Origins, Color, and Buying Guide

Citrine gemstones, renowned for their warm and sunny hues, are a delight for jewelry artisans seeking to add brightness and charm to their creations. 

Origins of Citrine Gemstones

Geological Origins

Citrine, a member of the quartz family, boasts a palette of captivating colors, ranging from pale yellow to deep amber. These gemstones often form in association with amethyst, and their sunny hues are a result of iron impurities. Notable sources of Citrine include Brazil, Madagascar, and the United States.

Formation Process

The journey of Citrine's formation begins with the presence of iron in quartz crystals. Over geological time, exposure to heat and pressure transforms these crystals into the stunning yellow gemstones adored by jewelry artisans.

The Radiant Appeal of Citrine in Jewelry

Color Spectrum

Citrine's radiant allure lies in its warm and sunny spectrum of colors. From delicate lemon yellows to intense amber hues, Citrine offers a diverse range of shades that can illuminate any jewelry piece.

Symbolism and Positive Energy

Beyond its aesthetic charm, Citrine is associated with positive energy and abundance. It is believed to carry the warmth of the sun, making it a symbol of joy, success, and prosperity. This positivity makes Citrine a popular choice for jewelry with meaning. 

Illuminate Your Jewelry Craft with Citrine

Citrine gemstones offer a radiant and positive addition to the world of jewelry artistry. Their warm and sunny hues, coupled with deep historical significance, make them an exquisite choice for jewelry creations that exude elegance and positivity. Embrace the radiance of Citrine and elevate your jewelry craft to new heights.

Citrine is a variety of quartz that can be found throughout the world. It ranges in color from pale yellow to bright shades of amber. Citrine brings full of good vibes, and it might just be Mother Nature’s way of reminding us that when life gives you lemons :) The use of citrine in jewelry can trace back to thousands of years ago.

  • All Natural
  • Teardrop and Oval shapes
  • Citrine pattern

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