A Showcase of Stunning Turquoise Jewelry

Hey there, Moose friends! 🌟 Let's say hello to a brand new month and welcome new beginnings! Check out these breathtaking jewelry pieces from our talented community. It's always a joy to see raw gemstones transform into exquisite and timeless works of art, and we're excited to share these latest creations with you!


Royston Ribbon Ring by @languageofstones


Royston Ribbon Ring by @languageofstones


How captivating is this Royston ribbon ring by @languageofstones? The unique beauty of the Royston ribbon turquoise, with its striking blue stripe running through rich earthy browns, is absolutely mesmerizing and definitely reminds us of nature. What a true masterpiece from Merrill!


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Multiple Turquoise Stones Statement Piece by @roscoe.and.elyse


Multiple Turquoise Stones Statement Piece by @roscoe.and.elyse


An actual jaw-dropping beauty! This intricate statement piece by @roscoe.and.elyse is such a wonderful sight to see. The design is a beautiful combination of multiple turquoise stones, meticulously arranged to create a visually stunning and cohesive piece. Each stone is set in a way that not only highlights its unique characteristics but also contributes to the overall harmony of this stunning piece. So incredible! 


Create your own statement pieces with our wide range of turquoise cabochons in various shapes and sizes.


Heart Earrings with Three Turquoise Stones by @cedarbisonco


Heart Earrings with Three Turquoise Stones by @cedarbisonco


Aren't these heart earrings by @cedarbisonco dreamy? Featuring three brilliant turquoise stones, these earrings speak elegance with a touch of whimsy. Obsessed with this amazing design! What do you think?


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It's truly one of our favorite things to do - seeing your beautiful creations! Check out our collection of gemstones, beads, and more, and please don't forget to share your creations on Instagram, tag us @turquoise_moose, and use #MadeWithMoose to get featured. Happy creating! ✨



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