Admiring Classic and Timeless Jewelry Creations

Happy Sunday, Moose friends! 🌟 It's that time of the week when we discover beautiful jewelry creations from our talented artists in Moose community! 


Turquoise Hair Fork by @ninthhouse


Turquoise Hair Fork by @ninthhouse



Let's start with something unique and oh-so-chic – take a look at this stunning turquoise hair fork by @ninthhouse! Such an exquisite piece! If you love turquoise and you love hair accessories, this beauty is such a perfect piece 💚


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Oval and Shield-Shaped Turquoise Pendants by @theresaapplegatejewelry


Oval and Shield-Shaped Turquoise Pendants by @theresaapplegatejewelry



Next up, we have a duo of mesmerizing pendants created by the talented hands of @theresaapplegatejewelry. With their unique shapes and vibrant turquoise hues, these pendants are truly showstoppers! Whether you prefer the classic and timeless elegance of an oval-shaped cab or the unique beauty of shield-shaped cab, there's something here to suit every style, right? :) 


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Sonoran Lime Turquoise Necklaces by @noa_designs_jewellery


Sonoran Lime Turquoise Necklaces by @noa_designs_jewellery



Last but certainly not least, let's feast our eyes on these stunning Sonoran Lime turquoise necklaces by @noa_designs_jewellery. How lovely are these? With their vibrant green hues and classic designs, these necklaces are sure to make a statement! 


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We hope these pieces have inspired you for your next creations! Check out our collection of gemstones, beads, calibrated gems, and more, and let's create something truly magical together! Don't forget to share your creations on Instagram, tag us @turquoise_moose, and use #MadeWithMoose to get featured. Happy creating! ✨

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