Creative Ways to Make White Buffalo Turquoise Jewelry

The name white buffalo turquoise comes from a Native American belief that the stone is as pure and rare as the white buffalo. And that makes sense, considering you can only find this stone in one place in the world, and that's Tonopah, Nevada.

White buffalo turquoise isn't actually turquoise at all but rather a type of dolomite. Although it doesn't have the classic teal-green coloring of turquoise, it has a unique black webbing pattern that's similar.

It's a beautiful stone that makes stunning jewelry, and there are many ways you can create pieces with white buffalo turquoise as the focal point. Here are a few creative ideas to spark inspiration. 🤍

A Minimalist Monochrome Look

White buffalo turquoise has a beautiful veining pattern, so why not highlight that and keep the design simple? Let the stone become the focal point and use silver to complement the look rather than to draw the eye away. 🥰


White Buffalo Turquoise cabochons


White buffalo already has a black-and-white pattern, and silver works well with this color scheme, creating a monochromatic look.

A clean, minimalist style allows the stone to shine. This match makes a statement without being too distracting, making it perfect for work or more formal events.

Another idea is to incorporate Native American jewelry motifs, such as the rope design. This design adds a little more interest without taking the spotlight away from the stone.

Incorporate Pops of Color ✨

The black-and-white coloring of white buffalo turquoise makes the perfect canvas or backdrop for other colors. Consider adding other stones and colors to the design.

Many jewelry artists create pieces that use both white buffalo and the traditional teal-colored turquoise for variation. For example, you might use pieces of blue turquoise around the outside of the white stone, creating a more interesting setting.

Consider a necklace with a white buffalo teardrop pendant mixed with smaller pieces of turquoise embedded on the chain.

In need of some ideas? Certain colors go very well with black and white, such as navy, brown, pink, and gold.

Go for the Gold or Mix Metals 🤩

While much of the jewelry on the market incorporating white buffalo turquoise stones use sterling silver, you can also go with gold. Using a warmer metal with the cooler white and black contrasts well.

In the design world, color theory helps artists, designers, and creative individuals come up with hues that go well together. Choosing complementary shades—or opposites on the color wheel—is one of the easiest methods. Examples include red and green or yellow and purple.

Since gold has warm tones, it goes well with silver which has cool tones. Of course, complementary colors have a more vibrant effect than the monochromatic look, so it depends on what mood or feeling you want to evoke.

Use One Type or Mix Stones Together 🫶🏼

White buffalo turquoise is elegant enough to stand out on its own. However, you can also create different looks and styles by incorporating other stones.

We've talked briefly about using different types of turquoise in the design and adding a pop of blue. You can find plenty of high-quality turquoise pieces here at Turquoise Moose. However, we also carry a wide variety of other stones perfect for any type of jewelry.

Consider pairing white buffalo turquoise with other gems to give the piece more variety and value.

Go back to color theory to find the shades that pair well together and mix them into the design. The natural black and white color of white buffalo turquoise pairs with anything, and that's one of the biggest benefits of using this stone in jewelry making.

📝 In need of a few ideas? Here are some colors and stones you could try:

  • Red - Rosarita, garnet, carnelian
  • Green - Serpentine, peridot, fluorite
  • Blue - Lapis Lazuli, spinel, tourmaline
  • Black - Onyx, black opal, black tourmaline
  • Earth tones - Tigereye, jasper, labradorite

Think of a Theme 💡

If you're trying to come up with ideas for your jewelry, it can be helpful to think of a theme first. In the design world, even a simple theme will help the final product come together. For instance, an interior designer might go with a particular style that a homeowner likes, such as "bohemian" or "contemporary," or select a color scheme.

As a jewelry artist, this method can also help you keep your design cohesive and interesting. The theme can be anything from a particular color to a concept such as "winter."


white buffalo turquoise gems



Here's an example. White buffalo turquoise has a beautiful white and black pattern, giving it a subtle yet elegant monochromatic look. If you choose a theme like winter, it could evoke ideas of an icy day and pair well with shades of blue and silver. ❄️

Artists also use the theme of a stormy sky or rainy day, using gray, silver, and black in their jewelry designs.

Maybe you want to use a look that ties back to the history and meaning of this stone. In that case, you might use a Native American design, such as the rope pattern.

White Buffalo Turquoise Jewelry by Type 🤍

Now that we've covered some ideas for the color and material, let's go over some different types of jewelry you can make. Here are some of the most common, along with some ideas to spark your creativity.


White buffalo turquoise earrings are simple yet elegant, perfect for everyday wear. Since the stones used in earrings are usually smaller, find a stone with a pattern that you like.

Remember that these earrings won't be "twins," as this is a natural stone. There will be slight variations in the look of the earring, and that's part of what makes them so beautiful. It also showcases the fact that these are authentic white buffalo turquoise stones and not fakes.

If you want the earrings to look as similar as possible on the right and left sides, consider choosing a stone pattern with smaller lines or spots rather than a style with a bold black marking.

Next, consider the shape of the earring. Do you want a round or oval look? Perhaps the ever-popular teardrop shape is more to your liking.

Earrings can be symmetrical or asymmetrical and use a variety of different settings/mountings. Choose a material and style that speaks to you and will complement your stone.

Calibrated gemstones are ideal for earrings, as the shape is identical on each side.


A necklace using this type of stone can be either a statement piece or a subtle, minimalist design. Consider whether you want to use multiple stones or stick with one.

For instance, a simple silver chain with a drop or link setting complete with a piece of white buffalo turquoise creates an elegant look.

You could also link multiple settings together, placing more than one stone onto the necklace to give the design a fuller look, which creates a unique and stunning statement piece.

Consider whether you prefer a symmetrical look or variations in the stone and setting. Each style creates a very different effect and feel. Mixed shapes appear more natural, as nature itself is slightly asymmetrical.


Similar to necklaces, a bracelet can be a statement piece or more simplistic. The first choice to make is whether you plan on setting the stone or going with a beaded design.

We have a variety of high-quality beads you can use, perfect for bracelets. Again, consider whether you like the symmetrical round shapes or the more natural uneven shapes.

Try different methods and materials to see what you can create.

Another option is to create a stacked bracelet. This style combines bracelets in different sizes and styles to create a more unique and customizable look.

You might create a mix of stretch bracelets and bangles, selling them as a set. Remember, the key when making a stretch bracelet is to use quality materials so it won't break.

If you want something classier than elastic, consider using waxed cord or leather.

You may also opt for a classic looking cuff, highlighting a white buffalo turquoise stone or any other gemstone and using it as centerpiece. 


A white buffalo turquoise ring makes an excellent addition to any jewelry collection. 

Similar to the other styles of jewelry we've discussed, you'll want to consider the look you're going for first. Is it a large statement ring or a subtle style?

Two popular shapes for stone rings are oval/circle and square. However, you can go with any shape that appeals to you.

When it comes to ring design, the best way to alter styles and designs is to choose different settings, such as a bezel, frame, etc.

Experience the Beauty of White Buffalo Turquoise 🤍

Did these ideas spark your creativity? 🥰 White buffalo turquoise is a rare and beautiful stone that looks lovely in any type of jewelry. If you're considering designing a piece, try some of these options.


white buffalo turquoise cabs


Our Moose-Certified stones are always 100% pure turquoise. Each stone is unique, giving you limitless possibilities to create one-of-a-kind pieces.

Browse our selection of freeform turquoise to find inspiration and as always, happy creating 💚


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