A Symphony of Colorful Gems and Enchanting Handmade Jewelry

The holidays are fast approaching and this week we are so ecstatic to share with you creations from the Moose community on Instagram that are filled with beautiful colors - gorgeous jewelry pieces created with colorful gemstones! Take a look at these three lovely pieces ✨


Turquoise Earrings by @lauracrawfordjewelry


turquoise earrings by @lauracrawfordjewelry on Instagram


by @lauracrawfordjewelry on Instagram


Okay, how exquisite are these earrings by @lauracrawfordjewelry? Every detail of Laura's craftsmanship is a visual feast - a beautiful design + highlighting the enchanting hues of turquoise!


Take a look at our collection of turquoise cabochons to add them into your next  creations!


Green and Pink Tourmaline Studs by @brinnygems


tourmaline stud earrings by @brinnygems on Instagram


by @brinnygems on Instagram


We got so giddy upon seeing these beauties by @brinnygems! If you're going to ask us to pick between the green and pink tourmaline studs, the answer will be both! What about you?


Browse our collection of tourmaline gems to add a spectrum of lovely hues to your creations -  also available in calibrated form!


Oval-shaped Turquoise Ring by @poesboutique


turquoise ring by @poesboutique on Instagram



What a classic turquoise ring by @poesboutique - this oval-shaped turquoise ring brings so much timelessness as well. As turquoise lovers, each detail has got us swooning!


Create with oval-shaped cabochons and explore our collection featuring different gems and turquoise mines.


We hope these dreamy and classic pieces have got you feeling inspired! Please don't forget to share your own creations on Instagram, tag us @turquoise_moose, and use #MadeWithMoose to be featured. As always, we'll see you next week and happy creating! 💚✨


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