Moose Spotlight: A Love Story Crafted in Silver

"Art is always necessary."

- Alea, @pluvialfern




Step into the mesmerizing world of Alea Cecconi, an Italian silversmith whose artistry ignites flames of passion and romance. With six years of experience in silversmithing, Alea, known as @pluvialfern on Instagram and celebrated at, weaves captivating tales through her breathtaking jewelry creations.


Alea Cecconi of @pluvialfern on Instagram


"Finding metal smithing in 2017 was a lucky accident that quickly became way more," Alea shares. "Making jewelry wasn't a clear intention, but it was the sweet union of creating from scratch and working on the miniature scale. When I saw what those heirlooms meant to their new owners, I knew my roots had tapped into the final creative well."


As a self-taught artist, Alea fearlessly embraced the trials and errors that accompanied her journey. "I would constantly chase designs that were technically out of reach," she confesses. "The most challenging pieces were the more instructive, and those 'tough' designs ended up being my best teachers."


Turquoise Ring by Alea Cecconi @pluvialfern on Instagram



rings by Alea Cecconi @pluvialfern on Instagram


Handmade rings by Alea Cecconi @pluvialfern on Instagram


"My first sale was a copper oak leaf pendant with freshwater pearls," Alea recalls with excitement. "I remember the panic of shipping my first parcel! It was exciting and surreal, and every order gotten ever since had me doing the same stupid happy dance I did the first time!"


"I love ferns beyond my comprehension!" Alea exclaims. "When my partner and I were brainstorming names, he came up with Pluvial Fern, and it was perfect! So fitting, for I am enamored with everything that speaks of wild forests, untamed nature, and the magical inhabitants that hide among the trees and undergrowth!"


Alea's artistic revelation came with the perfect tension on her saw blade. "Piercing intricate silhouettes in silver has become my favorite part of the process ever since!" she shares, her voice brimming with passion.


Earrings by Alea Cecconi @pluvialfern on Instagram


Necklaces by Alea Cecconi @pluvialfern on Instagram




"Inspiration strikes, and mostly I like to draw sketches of anything that goes on in my mind," Alea reveals. "I take some distance to cool the initial excitement, and if after some time I'm still fond of the idea, it gets hand-fabricated in silver."


When it comes to describing her work, Alea prefers to let it speak for itself. "I tend to distrust artists who describe their own work," she admits. "Take a look for yourself! For that matter, I think my work leans towards enchanted forest vibes!"




What's one design tip you one to share with your fellow artists?


"Sometimes your hands will just want to create with no design boundaries. When that happens, listen to your intuition."


One piece of technical advice on creating.


"Have a lot of patience and always check your solder joints twice before setting a stone in place!"


Any words of encouragement or tips to those who are starting out in the world of jewelry-making?


"There will be moments of self doubt when creating will feel superfluous or frustrating. But trust me, for each of those lows, someone will be cheering you up, believing in your worth & art even more than you. Cherish those people and trust them when they tell you how special that piece of yours was, how much it meant to them. Art is always necessary."


Lastly, this is Alea's message to the universe:


Turquoise Moose Blog Feature for Jewelry Artist Alea Cecconi



Embrace the enchantment of Alea Cecconi's passion at @pluvialfern on Instagram or explore the captivating allure of her creations at Step into a world where love and artistry intertwine, and surrender to the spellbinding allure that awaits.


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