Moose Spotlight: Whimsical and Nature-Inspired Creations


Just start. Start somewhere, start anywhere."

- Anna Newell of @sablestonesilver








Jewelry Artist Anna Newell of @sablestonesilver on Instagram




@sablestonesilver on Instagram






This is Anna Newell, a Montana-based jewelry artist who has been making jewelry for 4 years now. You can find her creations on Instagram @sablestonesilver.










When asked what inspired her to start creating jewelry, it was a simple, straight-to-the-point answer from Anna, "Cliche, but I am very deeply inspired by nature."




At first, Anna described her journey as "very slow." Once she got the hang of it, she couldn’t stop and made it her full time job. She remembered sweat soldering for the first time on a barn owl piece and she shared that it was a huge turning point!




Anna still recalls the very first piece she ever sold! "One of the first pieces of jewelry I made and sold was a barn owl pendant — at that time ‘smithing was just a hobby. I had posted a photo of it on Instagram and to my surprise someone wanted to buy it!" That was a huge motivator for her. 




There's also a beautiful meaning behind her brand name. Anna explained, "“Sable” means dark - When I first started out I was making jewelry out of black river rocks I found on hikes. I would say my style is definitely darker and moodier than most jewelry out there."




Take a look at some of her gorgeous creations!





Purple Lavender Variscite Necklace by Anna Newell of @sablestonesilver on Instagram







Jewelry by Anna Newell of @sablestonesilver on Instagram





Handmade Jewelry by Anna Newell of @sablestonesilver on Instagram











Moments where you feel like "I got it!" feel special. For Anna, it was when it was her first time to figure out “prongs”/claws. "It’s a staple now in my designs!"




Let's take a look at some more of her gorgeous creations!






Handmade Rings by Anna Newell of @sablestonesilver on Instagram







Handmade Earrings by Anna Newell of @sablestonesilver on Instagram






Handmade Jewelry Creations by Anna Newell of @sablestonesilver on Instagram










Anna's design process involves lots of sketching and thinking through the process before she starts working. She added, "The mental work is usually harder than the execution." 




Asked to describe her design style, Anna said that it's dark, moody, rustic, and inspired by nature.










What's one design tip you one to share with your fellow artists?




"Just start. Start somewhere, start anywhere. I have to tell myself this a lot - I tend to get stuck overthinking the design."





One piece of technical advice on creating.





"Oh gosh, if I could give just one I would say invest in good tools!! It makes a world of difference. Cheap tools are expensive."






Any words of encouragement or tips to those who are starting out in the world of jewelry-making?




"Ask the questions!!!! You don’t need the latest, greatest tools to be good. Push yourself to make something “new”"




Lastly, here is Anna's message to the universe: 





Anna Newell of @sablestonesilver Blog Feature by Turquoise Moose






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