Moose Spotlight: Handmade Jewelry From Pieces of Earth

Meet Ashlee “Ashuhfox” Ervin, the jewelry artist behind the Instagram account @badland.bohemian. This artist is based in San Diego, California, and has been silversmithing for three years now.

Jewelry Artist Ashlee “Ashuhfox” Ervin of @badland.bohemian on Instagram

Ashlee “Ashuhfox” Ervin of @badland.bohemian on Instagram

Ashuhfox shared that when she moved to Ocean Beach in San Diego she fell in love with crystals and has met a lot of friends who were crystal vendors who had a lot of knowledge about stones and minerals. Instantly, she told us that she was hooked; which is why she bought a couple of tools and some wire, then she started wire wrapping back in 2015.

Cut to three years later, she found a silversmithing class at a community college and so began her love with fabricating jewelry.

We could only imagine the challenges each artist faces when it comes to this industry, and so we wanted to know what was Ashuhfox’ is. For her, smithing came pretty naturally right away, but taking a class and learning all the basic soldering joints made learning and creating different components way easier.

Having said that, the hardest part for her is actually measuring things perfectly and creating symmetry. She shared how she has the tendency to like to freehand and eyeball things. So, when she moves toward more fine jewelry eventually, she’s certain that it will be a challenge.

As per her creations, we also wanted to find out how nature plays a part in her design work. Ashuhfox explained that she gets a lot of inspiration from plants and landscapes. She also added how she especially loves stones that look like scenes from nature.

Being lovers of turquoise, we had to ask Ashuhfox what she likes about working with it. She stated that turquoise is her favorite stone to work with because it comes in SO MANY different colors and verities. Moreover, a lot of her techniques stem from Native American Silversmithing Techniques.

With that, her pieces also have a certain southwest flare and turquoise is the stone of the southwest and it reminds her of both the ocean AND the desert, which are her favorite places on earth.

Take a look at some of her lovely pieces! 

Tuquoise Jewelry by Ashlee “Ashuhfox” Ervin of @badland.bohemian on Instagram

by Ashlee “Ashuhfox” Ervin of @badland.bohemian on Instagram

We asked what’s one tip she could give her fellow artists, and this is what Ashuhfox shared: “The best way to get good at something is to do it EVERY SINGLE DAY.” It is also important to not be scared of trying new things and continuing at it even if you don’t get it on the first try. Lastly, she expressed that with this, you will learn something new every piece you make.

What do you like most about working with Turquoise Moose?

“Turquoise Moose is my favorite turquoise supplier! The material that can be found with Turquoise Moose is always high quality and so unique. The cabs are always perfectly even and the bezels are easy to perfect with such high-quality cabochons.”

- Ashlee “Ashuhfox” Ervin


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Thank you for sharing my daughters story! She has always had so many talents and it’s so amazing seeing her put them altogether as an artist! It’s not just jewelry for her as she puts her soul into every piece!

Lynnette Ervin December 16, 2020

I am absolutely in love with Badland Bohemian jewelry ❤️ Ashlee is an extremely creative and talented artist!
Ashlee’s jewelry is exquisite and timeless, all the while being perfectly stylish! I personally own several pieces that have become my “go to” everyday jewelry! Everyone deserves to own a beautifully designed and handmade piece or pieces of jewelry, and Badland Bohemian jewelry is positively perfect!

Lar December 16, 2020

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