Moose Spotlight: Creative and Unique Jewelry With Stories

To be able to express your creativity in any art form is so special! The beauty of creating jewelry is artists get to share the uniqueness of their pieces for people to enjoy and cherish. 




Jewelry Artist Bethany Mitchell of @wildbanjodesignsco on Instagram


@wildbanjodesignsco on Instagram


This is Bethany Mitchell, a Missouri-based jewelry artist. Also seen on Instagram with the handle @wildbanjodesignsco, Bethany has been creating jewelry for a year now. 




For Bethany, she has always loved authentic jewelry. She grew up in the South where Western fashion shaped her. She also shared that turquoise jewelry was a must with all outfits. Personally, she thinks jewelry has the ability to tell stories as well as be a beautiful addition to any outfit. This inspired Bethany to start silversmithing so she can create beautiful pieces for people to wear.  


When she first started out, Bethany recalled thinking about how difficult it was to learn the trade of silversmithing. She did a lot of research about the trade and how could she create beautiful pieces!


She shared that the first design she made was actually her engagement ring and it was very difficult; adding how multiple tears were shed in making it perfect and quite a bit of patience was needed as that was the first ever piece she made and she chose a difficult design for a beginner! It taught Bethany to have patience when creating beautiful art work!


Interested to know what's the story behind her brand name, we had to ask Bethany! She said her Instagram and brand name is very dear to her. She had a corgi puppy named Banjo and he was wild, hence the name Wild Banjo Designs Co. He was very partial to Bethany and she took him to events, she would have him in her branding pictures and all of her ideas! Sadly, in late December 2020 she lost her little guy and the brand name is even more special to her now. 




Creators get that AHA! moments that are so special as they see their unique ideas come to life. 


Bethany shared how she has been so pleased with all of her designs simply because silversmithing is a difficult trade and she is still learning all about it. All of the pieces she has made have been a milestone in her business! A proud moment for Bethany is to say that her work is growing in quality as she learns more. 


Take a look at some of her gorgeous jewelry pieces!


Turquoise Jewelry by Bethany Mitchell of @wildbanjodesignsco on Instagram


Turquoise Ring by Bethany Mitchell of @wildbanjodesignsco on Instagram


Turquoise Jewelry by Bethany Mitchell of @wildbanjodesignsco on Instagram




How Bethany starts every design is with a sketchbook! She draws, then maps out which stones she will use and where she would like them. She would then mark out the silver design and how she would like the final piece to look. Then, she begins soldering and grinding, and then comes polishing. Once she polishes the beautiful stones she use and are set in to place, and the final piece is created. 


Bethany described her jewelry design style as more Western/boho, adding that she really aims toward Western fashion. 


Here are some of her stunning turquoise jewelry pieces!


Turquoise Ring by Bethany Mitchell of @wildbanjodesignsco on Instagram


Authentic Turquoise Ring by Bethany Mitchell of @wildbanjodesignsco on Instagram


Turquoise Rings by Bethany Mitchell of @wildbanjodesignsco on Instagram




What's one design tip you one to share with your fellow artists? 


"I would say that if you get through your design and you feel like you wanna change things, DO it. Everything you create is beautiful and mapping things out helps me but I also enjoy creating something right off the top of my head."


Any words of encouragement or tips to those who are starting out in the world of jewelry-making?


"Jewelry is difficult, but researching and asking other creators for help can really help out in the beginning! Asking questions will broaden your knowledge."


Lastly, Bethany's message to the universe: 


Bethany Mitchell of Wild Banjo Designs Co Blog Feature by Turquoise Moose


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