Moose Spotlight: Handcrafted Jewelry From The Heart

Blair White is the jewelry artist behind @silverandsaltdesigns on Instagram. She shared with us that she has always collected turquoise jewelry and has a nice collection of vintage and other pieces.

Jewelry Artist Blair White of @silverandsaltdesigns on Instagram

@silverandsaltdesigns on Instagram

When she was in fashion school, she remembered seeing a video of someone silversmithing. Upon seeing that, she stated that she was hooked and researched every single day and even collected tools and materials until she had all the materials she needed to get started.

In addition, she is also a self-taught silversmith, as mentioned on her website. She fell in love with the craft the very first time she made her first piece of jewelry. In her own words, she said, “I have put my whole heart and soul into creating my jewelry and hope you love your pieces as much as I loved making them for you.”

As an artist who we see and constantly inspired by on Instagram, we asked Blair if she had a favorite on the platform. Her answer is @spirittreasuresjewelry - saying that their work is unreal and a total inspiration. Moreover, she said that they are so sweet.

Right on, we totally agree!

For her pieces, nature truly does inspire her creativity. She declared, “my biggest being from the actual stones I work with. I typically don’t plan my out designs and work solely with each unique stone.”

Most of the time, inspiration is just everywhere, right?

On her website, Blair explained that each of the pieces she makes is handcrafted from start to finish with the use of sterling silver and precious stones.

She also emphasized her gratitude to her customers for supporting small businesses as one small act affects a lot of small business owners as well. We love this so, so much!

Take a look at some of her amazing work!

Turquoise Jewelry by Blair White of @silverandsaltdesigns on Instagram

by Blair White of @silverandsaltdesigns on Instagram

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