Moose Spotlight: Handcrafted Jewelry Made With Love

Meet this amazing jewelry artist, Brooke Gettig, also known as @rakkausstudio on Instagram. We have been truly loving her turquoise jewelry creations! She just got started metalsmithing back in February 2020. Brooke is a special educator by day, so smithing or jewelry making is her part-time passion. How amazing, isn’t it? 

Jewelry Artist Brooke Gettig of @rakkausstudio on Instagram

@rakkausstudio on Instagram

Before we get started, in her Instagram profile and website, Brooke states that in the Finnish language, Rakkaus means love. We love finding out the meaning behind artists’ Instagram handles!

Since we noticed how beautiful her creations are, we wanted to know how she sources her turquoise pieces are. We’re so glad to find out Turquoise Moose is Brooke’s first source!

We were also curious as to what are the factors that help artists on which pieces to work with. For Brooke, she shares that she loves pieces that have veins as it gives the stone character and depth. In addition, it reminds her of tree roots at times, which is grounding for her. She especially loves turquoise with greenish tones. 

From an artist’s point of view, we wanted to know what are the advantages and disadvantages of working with turquoise cabochons. Brooke says the pros are the beauty and variety, while the cons are it can be pricey at times and fragile as well. Do you feel the same? 

In terms of her favorite turquoise shapes, Brooke mentions free form and ovals! 

When we asked what is her favorite or signature design technique when creating handmade jewelry, Brooke states she loves mixed metal. She shares she was born in the Copper County of Michigan, so she has always been drawn to the beauty, benefits, and warmth of copper. She adds, “I love using copper with turquoise that has brown/copper tones in it. In general, go with the flow of the stone shape when designing my pieces.”

Take a look at some of her amazing turquoise jewelry creations! 

Turquoise Jewelry by Brooke Gettig of @rakkausstudio on Instagram

by Brooke Gettig of @rakkausstudio on Instagram


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What do you like about working with Turquoise Moose? 

“I love the quality and beauty of the stones. I also enjoy feeling like I have a connection with someone who cares about my work and I about theirs! It feels like a team. Quick shipping is also a plus :-)”

- Brooke Gettig

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