Moose Spotlight: Jewelry Creations with a Splash of Spice

"A lot of designs can look the same, so try and put your own personal twist on things."

- Cassi, @cassiladinesllc




Jewelry Artist Cassi Ladines of @cassiladinesllc on Instagram



@cassiladinesllc on Instagram



This is jewelry artist Cassi Ladines from Fairbanks, Alaska. She has been jewelry making for seven years and her beautiful creations can be seen on her Instagram @cassiladinesllc 💚


Back in college, Cassi shared that one of her basketball teammates suggested that she takes the Metalsmithing course at the University of Alaska Fairbanks. The next semester, Cassi took it to fulfill an art credit and fell in love! She has always loved art and creating but never found a passion in any form until the Metalsmithing class. Now, she gets to play with metal and beautiful stones! 🥰


"I was very clueless and scared to death of the torch. My first design was a set of flower pendants with cabochon center stones that I did myself," Cassi shared. When she was getting started, that project allowed her to get familiar with the whole studio. She loved having classmates critique and give her new ideas and get her out of her comfort zone. 


Asked if she can still remember the first piece she sold, Cassi narrated, "Every semester the University Art department sets up an annual sale where we can put in pieces we made. So by the second semester I was comfortable enough to put some pieces in and they sold! It was a very rewarding feeling that someone wanted to wear my designs. Part of our sale went back to the studio but then we got to keep the rest." 💚



Besides the obvious, Cassi explained what her brand name is all about! She said, one of her favorite jewelers of all time is Jamie Joseph. "She creates the most exquisite rings/earrings/bracelets. Her company name is her name," she added. Cassi thought that was really cool. She really couldn’t think of any other unique name that fit who she was, so what better than her actual name! 



Here are some of Cassi's beautiful pieces! 


 Turquoise Heart Ring by Cassi Ladines of @cassiladinesllc on Instagram


 Handmade Ring by Cassi Ladines of @cassiladinesllc on Instagram



Handmade Jewelry by Cassi Ladines of @cassiladinesllc on Instagram









"As soon as I figured out how to get solder to flow where/when I wanted, that’s when I had my AHA moment," Cassi shared. After that, she said everything else started to get easier. She was more efficient at piecing together her rings and pendants - which to her was such a great feeling! 💚







Cassi's design process starts with a stone. Then she will pull out her sketchbook and figure out what the stone represents to her. "For example, mystic topaz! It reminded me of the northern lights. So I sketch ideas on how I can get the piece to represent the dancing lights— ring band, bezel or the bezels base. Once I draw a design I like— I get to work," she explained.



Asked to describe her own design style, Cassi said, "I like really flashy and eye catching stones. One of my bosses got me into what stones represent, so that has influenced what I put in my work. I like simple designs with a splash of spice— playing around with different textures and number of bands for rings really elevates a piece." 💚




Here are a few more gorgeous pieces by Cassi!




Turquoise Ring by Cassi Ladines of @cassiladinesllc on Instagram





Turquoise Heart Shape Ring by Cassi Ladines of @cassiladinesllc on Instagram




Turquoise Jewelry by Cassi Ladines of @cassiladinesllc on Instagram 





What's one design tip you one to share with your fellow artists?


"Do not be afraid of mistakes or trying new things. I joined Lucy Walker's Jewelry Academy and really enjoyed myself. I learned a lot and connected with other jewelers who run into the same problems as me. She does a lot of creative kickstarters to get you out of your comfort zone, which is what I needed at the time."



One piece of technical advice on creating.


"A lot of designs can look the same, so try and put your own personal twist on things. I want to get to the level where someone can take one look at jewelry and say, “That’s a Cassi Ladines piece!”"



Any words of encouragement or tips to those who are starting out in the world of jewelry-making?



"Don’t be afraid to ask for help! I was stubborn at first and after two hours of trying to solder, I asked my classmate for help and she got it to flow in less than a minute. If there are any local places that offers classes, take it! I wouldn’t be where I am today without taking my teammates advice."



And lastly, check out Cassi's message to the universe 😄



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