Moose Spotlight: Creative Jewelry Inspired by Nature

"Keep at it when you get frustrated! We've all been there when you feel like it just isn't working."

- Christie, @wai.side.blues 


Jewelry Artist Christie Noel of @wai.side.blues on Instagram

@wai.side.blues on Instagram
Meet jewelry artist Christie Noel, based in Denver, Colorado. She has been creating jewelry for four years and her creations can be seen on Instagram @wai.side.blues 🍃
"I've ALWAYS loved jewelry! I spent hours playing in my mother's jewelry box as a child." Christie shared that when she visited Peru back in 2016, she saw a lapidary artist cutting stones and creating inlay jewelry. In that moment, she knew immediately that she wanted to metalsmith 💚
When she was starting her journey, Christie said, "I was incredibly lucky to begin my journey at an amazing art school on Maui, the Hui No'eau. The beauty that surrounded me during the 12 years I spent on island were my inspiration when I began." Starting out, she said she made almost every bezel too tight and she got so frustrated. With time, patience, and advice from her amazing mentors, that gave her the skills she uses now. 
A lot of firsts are almost unforgettable. For Christie, she can still remember the very first piece she sold! It wasn't even online. She shared, "I was wearing my newly created #8 turquoise ring to work at a popular Maui restaurant. A sweet guest asked about it and when I said that I had just finished making it, she bought it on the spot!" How serendipitous is that? 🫶🏼
Curious as to what's the significant meaning of her brand name, Christie explained, ""Wai" translates to water. On Maui, many of my designs were drawn out while sitting in Waipuilani Beach Park. The stunning shades of blues in the ocean and sky were an amazing source of inspiration to me. Soaking up the beauty while I was "Wai Side" was always my favorite place to be." 🌊💙
Let's take a look at some of Christie's beautiful creations!
Turquoise necklace by Christie Noel of @wai.side.blues on Instagram
White Buffalo ring by Christie Noel of @wai.side.blues on Instagram
Handmade jewelry by Christie Noel of @wai.side.blues on Instagram
There are lightbulb moments in life that you just can help but feel pleased and happy. Christie remembered the very first time she felt that as a metalsmith! She recalled, "YES! I made my first multi-stone, split band ring in 2019, approximately 6 months after beginning metalsmithing. It was a more intricate and unique design than anything I had created until that point. I made a bunch of mistakes, but kept at it and was so proud when it was completed. It sold immediately and I was thrilled!"
Lately, she has been doing a lot of custom creations. For that process, Christie said she will meet with her client first so that they can see her stone selection in person. Alternatively, she can also send her clients stone videos. From there, they either customize a design that Christie has previously created or work together to draw up the design of her client's dream piece! 
Asked to describe her very own design style, she exclaimed, "Very much nature inspired! I choose stones that remind me of the amazing beauty surrounding us. From the ocean and sky, to the plants in the forest, I work to incorporate their inspiration into each piece." Her new home is in Colorado, and she said it's been fun to see her style evolving as she absorbs the energy of the spectacular mountains around her! 💚
Here are a few more stunning pieces by Christie! 
Turquoise jewelry by Christie Noel of @wai.side.blues on Instagram
Turquoise ring by Christie Noel of @wai.side.blues on Instagram
Handmade turquoise jewelry by Christie Noel of @wai.side.blues on Instagram
What's one design tip you one to share with your fellow artists?
"When a bezel is too tight, you can stretch it using a small dowel or other small round tool. Insert the chosen tool into the bezel and GENTLY tap the dowel/tool with a nylon hammer. Make sure to roll the tool with your other hand as you tap it to prevent impression marks on your bezel."
One piece of technical advice on creating.
"Your safety/health is the MOST important! Keep a fire extinguisher near the exit of your studio, not tucked in the corner. Invest in a respirator and consider saving for a fume extractor."
Any words of encouragement or tips to those who are starting out in the world of jewelry-making?
"Keep at it when you get frustrated! We've all been there when you feel like it just isn't working. Also, make friends with other jewelers and be willing to share tips and tricks so you both succeed!"
Lastly, here is Christie's message to the universe:
Blog Feature for Christie Noel by Turquoise Moose
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