Moose Spotlight: A Jewelry Artist’s Quest to Creating Wearable Magic

For this jewelry artist, silversmithing has been a hobby that runs through generations of her family. Meet Los Angeles, CA-based artist Christina Beck of @cbgems on Instagram. This self-taught smith founded CBGEMS back in 2015.

Jewelry Artist Christina Beck of @cbgems on Instagram

@cbgems on Instagram

Christina recalls that one afternoon, she was perusing her grandfather’s framed rock collection and it convinced her that she needed to give it a shot. For her, in addition to honoring her family’s heritage of smiths and rockhounds, she also gets to be a “stay-at-home’ mom to her girls, be her own boss - and that, according to Christina, is EVERYTHING.

Moreover, as an entrepreneur, she makes her own hours while being able to be with her kids and be there for their needs. She considers it a luxury to which she is so grateful for!

This very inspirational artist is inspired by fellow creatives as well. When we asked her who her favorites are, she simply said that there are so many incredible artists on Instagram which is why it’s impossible to choose. She also shared how she loves all the Native American Jewelers who came before her and do not have Instagram accounts. As per the artists on the platform, she loves the all things animal of @lilyblondestudio and @apaloosajewelrydesign - she said they’re simply gorgeous!

When it comes to her work, she underscored her love for nature, stating “It’s hard NOT to be inspired by nature and the simple pleasures in life from walking down the beach to running through a forest. All the wildlife in between the rocks and sand - there are miracles everywhere!”

She added she loves the resilience and mysterious beauty nature offers. Furthermore, she mentioned that the Southwestern landscapes are a big inspiration to her as well; the plants and animals that inhabit those lands, too.

For her inspiration, she told us how she has always loved the history of Turquoise, Santa Fe, the Trains, and travel advertised in the 1900s. Christina told us where they come from and the landscape they live in is not only an inspiration to her work but a necessity to the history of southwestern style jewelry.

Take a look at some of her handmade masterpieces!

Turquoise Jewelry by Christina Beck of @cbgems on Instagram

by Christina Beck of @cbgems on Instagram

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