Moose Spotlight: Finding What Makes You Happy

This is Danielle Dunlap, also known as @danielledunlap41. She’s based in Tacoma, Washington, and has been making jewelry for twenty-five years now; she began smithing fourteen years ago.

@danielledunlap41 on Instagram

Danielle started making jewelry because she has always loved wearing lots of it and has loved the idea of being able to make it herself. With that, she began with gemstone wire wrapping then moved onto the silversmithing aspect - this is because she wanted to start creating the statement pieces that really couldn’t be found anywhere else with the large stones as the main focal point.

We love uniqueness! 

As a jewelry maker, perhaps each one encounters hurdles along the way, which we think is normal. For Danielle, the most challenging part for her is believing in herself and not comparing herself with other jewelry artists. She mentioned she can really get into a negative headspace sometimes about her work; thinking it might not be “artsy” enough, which according to her is not really a good place to be in. Whenever she feels that way, she starts working on something that makes her heart skip a beat. To this day, she has a couple of stone pieces she thinks about but has already let go of. 

We were curious as to what Danielle likes about turquoise and she said she likes working with them and letting the turquoise stand on its own. She stated that there are so many beautiful types of turquoise and she feels like she has only scratched the surface of its beauty. Turquoise has always given her a calm feeling so whenever she makes a piece with turquoise, it makes her happy. She also added that she thinks Mother Earth has provided us with so much beauty - especially natural gemstones, plus these are works of art that we get to adorn ourselves with.

Check out some of her amazing work! 

by @danielledunlap41 on Instagram

When we asked what advice she can give for her fellow jewelry artists, she connected it with an advice that was given to her by her jewelry teacher/mentor/friend. When Danielle asked her mentor this: when it comes to making jewelry, do I have to figure out what the people like and make it, she was answered with the following: continue making pieces of jewelry that make your toes tingle. Up to this day, this is exactly what she does. “Every piece I make is something that I would love to wear myself. That would be my advice.” 

Indeed, it’s important to focus on the pieces that make your toes tingle so that the rest of it will fall into place. This is so beautiful and it also applies to different aspects of our lives! 

What do you like about working with Turquoise Moose? 

“I love working with Turquoise Moose. The customer service is fantastic and I have been happy with all of the eye candy I’ve purchased.”

- Danielle Dunlap

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