Moose Spotlight: The Stamp of a Ladysmith

Once this jewelry artist began silversmithing, she did not look back. Meet Denver, Colorado-based artist Emily Charles, also known as @emzgemz_co on Instagram. She has been creating jewelry for one and a half years now. 

 Jewelry Artist Emily Charles of @emzgemz_co on Instagram

@emzgemz_co on Instagram

With her interest in hand stamping metal, Emily got into silversmithing. She shared with us how she was never able to get a deep enough impression when she was stamping metal with tools from craft stores. After looking into how to anneal metal using a torch, she was able to dive pretty deep into the art of silversmithing.

As any jewelry artist, there are challenges when it comes to creating jewelry. For Emily, the most challenging one is working on her style and technique as it has always been important to her to find her own specific style of jewelry. As she has stuck with the stamping, learning how to properly stamp was quite a challenge for her. She started to use larger stamps which can be tricky and put stress to one’s arm if one doesn’t hammer correctly. Emily told us she’s still working on ways to better her stamping technique and she hopes to create stamps without any mess-ups soon.

Nature inspires Emily in the way she works as she needs greenery and plant life around her. According to her, whenever she feels like there’s a life that surrounds her, it enables her creativity.

As turquoise lovers, we had to ask why Emily works with them. She told us she never thought she’d be into turquoise as much as she is, but something about the natural colors of blues, greens, browns, and even purple has really attracted her to it. “A lot of people fall under the assumption that turquoise can only be worn a certain way, but I think it goes well with just about anything,” she added.

Take a look at some of her amazing work!

Turquoise Jewelry by Emily Charles of @emzgemz_co on Instagramby @emzgemz_co on Instagram

Emily’s number one tip to her fellow creators is to never be afraid to invest in yourself and your business. “Get that tool you really want/need. Buy the cabs that really catch your eye. When you express your own style & passion in your work, others will notice.” For Emily, these are the things that will set one’s work apart.

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What do you like most about working with Turquoise Moose?

“Turquoise Moose has some of the most unique turquoise cabs. Not only in color but also in shape. It can be super difficult to find good quality turquoise online, so I like that TQ has weekly sales and now has an online shop. I also know the cabs will continue to be outstanding.”

- Emily Charles


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