Moose Spotlight: Bold and One-of-a-kind Jewelry Designs


Always follow what feels true to you and not necessarily that thing currently trending."

-  Jan Dobrowolski




Jewelry Artist Jan Dobrowolski of @talulah_jewelry on Instagram


@talulah_jewelry on Instagram



Meet Jan Dobrowolski, a jewelry artist based in Kansas City, MO. She has been creating jewelry for 20+ years now and you can see her creations on Instagram. Her handle is @talulah_jewelry.




Jan recalled when they made a big move to a new place, her 5 best friends gave her a great send-off and one of the evening’s activities was to create a necklace. Jan shared, "They put a big bowl of beads in the middle of the table, and as we strung the necklace, each bead was a memory. Through laughter and tears, we created a wonderful journal of our years together." When they arrived in their new place, Jan discovered a bead shop and, as a thank you, she made each of her friends a necklace and sent it to them. "That’s all it took - I was hooked!"



Back in 2000, when they moved to rural Washington State, Jan became interested in silversmithing but struggled to find anyone to teach her. At that time, metal clay was fairly new on the scene so she took a series of workshops in Portland, OR, and became a certified senior instructor. Jan loves metal clay, but she also recognizes its limitations. Combining the rich textures she can get from metal clay with the strength, beauty, and durability of traditional metalsmithing has become her favorite way to work.



"Talulah was a name I called my granddaughter when she was a tot," Jan shared. Talulah's not even close to her granddaughter's actual name, but for some reason that’s what she called her. So, Jan likes to think her business is named for her granddaughter.



Check out Jan's beautiful creations!


Genuine Turquoise Ring by Jan Dobrowolsk @talulah_jewelry on Instagram


Handmade Necklace by Jan Dobrowolsk @talulah_jewelry on Instagram



by Jan Dobrowolsk @talulah_jewelry on Instagram






"I don’t know that it was a specific moment, but I definitely felt like I was “bitten by the bug!”" Jan shared upon asking her what was her first AHA moment. She added that it was a creative outlet she needed and it was the right fit.


Here are a few more stunning creations by Jan!



Handmade Jewelry by Jan Dobrowolski of @talulah_jewelry on Instagram


Handmade Ring by Jan Dobrowolski of @talulah_jewelry on Instagram



Handmade Jewelry Creations by Jan Dobrowolski of @talulah_jewelry on Instagram






Jan likes to sketch her designs before she begins actual, hand-on work. "But, that’s not to say the design comes out like the sketch!" she shared. She make a lot of changes along the way.


When we asked Jan to describe her design style, she said it's "Natural elements integrated with modern design."






What's one design tip you one to share with your fellow artists? 


"Allow your design style to develop, change and grow as you continue to acquire new skills. Always follow what feels true to you and not necessarily that thing currently trending."



Any words of encouragement or tips to those who are starting out in the world of jewelry-making?


"If you find it to be your passion, stick with it! There will be many ups and downs, but the rewards are great. Read, take classes, discover and try everything you can. You never know how that knowledge will be incorporated into your work later."


Lastly, Jan's message to the universe: 


Jan Dobrowolski Blog Feature by Turquoise Moose



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