Moose Spotlight: Metalsmithing and Creating Artisan Jewelry

Jessie Kastner, the jewelry artist behind @abilene_sky on Instagram, is a South Carolina metalsmith that creates pieces that are one of a kind and are rustic in nature and inspired by the Native Spirit. As stated on her website, Jessie is happily married to the love of her life, where they have a small farm and rescue animals.

Jewelry Artist Jessie Kastner of @abilene_sky on Instagram

 @abilene_sky on Instagram

What got her started with jewelry making is the loss of her father. Jessie shared with us that losing her father got her interested in learning how to metalsmith.

During that time in her life, it was harder for Jessie to express herself in her usual outlets such as painting, photography, music, and the like. Being creative all of her life, she just woke up one day knowing in her heart that it was what she needed in life. To her, she finds it has been a beautiful journey and it amazes her how much we all need creativity and art to help heal our hearts.

As per inspiration, Jessie is also inspired by her fellow creators. When we asked who her favorite is on Instagram, she said there are so many wonderful and talented ones she admires! She added, “I appreciate and love to support everyone’s vision! One of my favorite artists definitely is @jenniferfavourjewelry.” According to Jessie, she is just in awe of her work and she always looks forward to seeing what she is going to create next.

In addition, Jessie shared with us that nature inspires her every day. In her own words, this is how she feels about it, “It never ceases to amaze me at all the beauty in this world even in the chaos. The smell of pine trees, rays of the sun, rusty metal, weathered wood. It’s just all so beautiful.”

Inspiration is everywhere, indeed!

Jessie’s work is created with her own hands - out of love and gratitude. Her signature style, as she mentioned on her website is, being able to find perfection in the imperfect. This way, each piece also gets a truly unique and raw look. She also enjoys using all types of metal and natural stones, especially turquoise, and she tries to use recycled metal as much as possible.

Take a look at some of her impressive work!

Turquoise Jewelry by Jessie Kastner of @abilene_sky on Instagram

by Jessie Kastner of @abilene_sky on Instagram

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