Moose Spotlight: Jewelry Artist Inspired by Art and Nature

Meet the talented jewelry artist behind JB Metal Studio, Julie Branström, also seen on Instagram under the handle @jbmetalstudio. Her sunny studio in her house is in downtown Lawrence, Kansas. She lives with her husband in an old church which was built in 1863 and has been converted to a house. On her website, she said that the original 10’ tall church windows are still intact and it’s an amazing space to be creative in!

Jewelry Artist Julie Branström of @jbmetalstudio on Instagram

@jbmetalstudio on Instagram via

She shared with us she began smithing because all her life, she has been a maker. At a very young age, her parents told her they saw creativity in her. Julie loved drawing, painting, sculpting, and just making stuff with her hands.

Julie also loves jewelry. She highlighted how she especially loves turquoise, jaspers, and jewelry that incorporates a nature theme or found objects like beach stones and sea glass. How she got started in metalsmithing is by taking a beginner’s class through her local arts center about seventeen years ago. Julie said that it has definitely stuck.

To her, she absolutely felt like she found a passion when she started working with metals.

As a creator, we asked her if she had her favorite artists on Instagram. According to her, it was way too difficult to answer, but she definitely admires many makers. A couple of her favorites are @taylorsaleem @michellelynstrader and @polanshek, to name a few.

Growing up in the California Redwoods, and surrounded by beauty, Julie mentioned that nature absolutely inspires her creativity. They have lived in the Midwest for twenty-five years now and although there is beauty there as well, she really misses the mountains and big trees.

When they go to the West Coast to visit, she always feels a surge of creativity. “I believe I was created in the image of God - the ultimate Creator. And He has also given me the desire and ability to create.” To this, she is so thankful for.

On her website, it is stated there that she is a one-woman show as she designs, fabricates, packages, and ships all the items she creates.

As per her work, for as long as she can remember, she has always felt the need to create with her two hands - especially the small scale of jewelry making. Things that excite her include unexpected color combinations and she also likes oxidized silver and how it contrasts with turquoise and other stones.

Style-wise, she has a rustic and a little bit of bohemian going on, and as mentioned earlier, nature plays a big part in her designs and many of her pieces have a botanical theme.

Here are some of her amazing work!

Turquoise Jewelry by Julie Branström of @jbmetastudio on Instagram

by Julie Branström of @jbmetastudio on Instagram

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