Moose Spotlight: Connecting To Earth Through Handmade Jewelry

Laura Davis is an international jewelry designer and is the artist behind @inthepinesjewelry on Instagram. She shared with us she got into smithing around three years ago as she healed from adrenal fatigue.

Jewelry Artist Laura Davis of @inthepinesjewelry on Instagram

@inthepinesjewelry on Instagram / photo by Lauren Imus via

She comes from a long line of artists. Her grandfather was a hobby silversmith and woodworker and her grandmother an oil painter. Her mother studied art and works in watercolor, acrylics, and photography. Laura was able to get her hands on some of her grandpa’s old tools when she was young and to this day, she still uses them.

Being exposed to art at a very young age, she states that she couldn’t have dreamed that being able to create beautiful things could be a real job for her.

When she was in college, she mentioned on her website that she minored in geology and took a metalsmithing class or two in the evenings. However, her primary education and background are actually in textbook publishing.

She followed that path to Boston, where she worked for three years before marrying her true love. She met her husband, Eric, in a high school geology class. He finally asked her out eleven years later(!) and got married a year after that. Currently, they are now traveling the world with the Marine Corps.

As a jewelry artist, we asked her who her favorite is on Instagram. She told us it’s hard to choose a favorite artist as there are so many good ones! Her favorite artist on Instagram is probably @taylorsaleem, saying she has the most beautiful botanical jewelry designs.

Looking at Laura’s work, we asked how nature inspires her designs. She explained, “I look to nature for inspiration, for tranquility, and for beauty. There's a longing in each of us to reconnect to wild nature. In it, we find an escape from the urgency of life and a moment of stillness.” With this, she continued, each handcrafted piece of sterling silver jewelry she creates is a totem—a reminder of the feeling of the earth beneath your feet, the healing waters of rivers, and the whispering of the wind through the trees.

Her style comes from time she has spent outdoors and exposure to the many different places and ecosystems she saw growing up.

Take a look at some of her lovely designs!

Turquoise Jewelry by Laura Davis of @inthepinesjewelry on Instagram

by Laura Davis of @inthepinesjewelry on Instagram

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