Moose Spotlight: Creating Handcrafted Sterling Silver Jewelry

Meet Leah Angelini, she is the silversmith and jewelry artist behind Spirit Mountain Silver, also known as @spiritmountainsilver on Instagram. Her workshop is located in Wilmington, MA and she began her silversmithing journey back in December of 2019. 

Jewelry Artist Leah Angelini of @spiritmountainsilver on Instagram

@spiritmountainsilver on Instagram


If you have not seen her turquoise jewelry creations just yet, you might find your next favorite :)

Originally, Leah started to silversmith so she could make rings for herself. She shares she has an obsession with jewelry, and it has always been like that in her entire life.

When Leah took one 6-hour long silversmithing class, her instructor at that time basically told her that this hobby wasn’t for her. (What?!) When Leah told him that her goal from that class was to be able to make her own jewelry and sell it one day, her instructor laughed in her face and told Leah she’d need to sign up for their pricey 6-week long program. 

Good thing Leah did not let what her instructor said to stop her from doing what she wants and reaching for her goals! She decided to not take that program. She ended up making a tiny workbench in the basement of her parent’s house, and that’s where it all began. 

Leah mostly learned the trade through online blogs, YouTube, which she said was a big lifesaver, a whole bunch of trial and error, and a lot of melting of pieces. How amazing and inspiring! 

On the weekends, Leah mostly worked at night.  As her small business began to grow, she moved her workbench out of her parents’ basement and to her brothers’ leather workshop in Wilmington, MA. There, she began cranking out customs and one-of-kind pieces for all of her customers. 

Leah’s jewelry pieces are handcrafted with her own two hands, and she shares that the inspiration behind her brand comes from her beautiful surroundings in New England. Oftentimes, she finds herself coming up with designs when she’s out and about, enjoying nature or on horseback. 

When it comes to turquoise cabochons she likes working with, Leah mentions Golden Hill Turquoise and Sand Hill Turquoise. She mentions, she loves the light blue hues that can be found in those stones. 

Take a look at some of her stunning turquoise jewelry pieces! 

Turquoise Jewelry by Leah Angelini of @spiritmountainsilver on Instagram


Leah works mostly with sterling silver and fine silver. She describes them as, “many of my pieces have a southwestern flair to them (even though I am from New England hah!)” In addition, she also often incorporates star embellishments around her pieces using the Tucker Tool Shot Plate, which is her go-to. 

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What do you like about working with Turquoise Moose? 

“Many of my stone purchases come from Turquoise Moose. Every stone I’ve received from them exceeds my expectations and I’m always blown away when my delivery arrives and I open the box!”  

- Leah Angelini


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